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  • Thank you for the kind words sir. I am truly 'normal' in real life- my radio personality is just a character I play- I love trying to make people laugh, and as you no doubt already know, HS sports can get so ridiculously serious and stupid sometimes.....its an easy target:) I have always been a Sophia fan since my good friend at Alter told me about her a few years back (keep that between us please?), and ive seen her play a few times back in HS- just a talented player and glad she seems to have found a great fit at UC! All the best sir! Jerry
    JED, no don't know who Buck is, really can"t even guess. I was introduced to him on Yappi when my daughters started at McNick soccer. He really had a thing for the parents. Since I was new to HS soccer and wasn't seeing any of the behavior he discussed I found his take curious. Sounds like he lives on the Eastside, Anderson Twp..seems to know a lot about HS soccer there (or thinks he does). BTW I enjoy your takes on Ohio soccer, not saying I follow you that closely but its good stuff. Take care.
    In all fairness, it would depend on the actual school, but if you do not feel like sharing that, no worries. It would also depend on what recruiting year, and position, if she has a chance to start freshman year, if she WANTS to play immediately etc. But without those details, in a very general sense- my goal is to always do whatever I can to keep the players NET at 10k a year or less, no matter what school it is. But at least for the kids/families I work with, that rule is only in effect for schools that are their 'DREAM' school, or one of their top 2 at the least. If the offer is from a school that is NOT the player/family's top 2 choices, the NET goal is always LESS than 10k/year...usually closer to 5k at the most. Does that make sense? No matter what anyone said on this post, in the Midwest, the NCAA average is approx. 24% of TOTAL college costs. So in that sense, you did great (72%)- again, assuming it is her DREAM school. Either way, CONGRATS to her and your son!
    Taking all in consideration you mentioned, and I think we have for my son and daughter- both have some pretty good offers for this area. My sons is pretty much done. My daughter has an couple offers allowing her after academic and athletic money with about 10k left over to pay (which we have saved for) so in my mind we are pretty happy. This is a private school for about $38k per year. Does that seem like a pretty good offer for her?
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