Great News for a Mars Colony!


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The three big Mars missions taking place this summer:

The summer race to land a space probe on Mars is off to a hot start.

Three countries—The Hope Probe (United Arab Emirates), Tianwen-1 (China) and Mars 2020 (United States)—have all taken their positions, hoping to take advantage of the period of time when the Earth and Mars are nearest: a mere 55 million kilometres (34 million miles) apart.
Two out of three would be a success, IMO.

Meatloaf concurs, "Two out of three aint' bad."


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Venus probably has active volcanoes right now

Scientists have long known that Venus remained active long after fellow rocky planets Mercury and Mars lost their geological mojo. The second rock from the sun sports far fewer craters than those two worlds, a count that's consistent with a global resurfacing event some 500 million to 700 million years ago. (Our solar system's other inner rocky planet, Earth, remains extremely active today, of course.)

But recently, evidence has been building that Venus' volcanic activity continued much later into the planet's history — perhaps even through to the present day. And the new study bolsters that viewpoint.


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A Freaky Elongated Cloud Has Reappeared on Mars

Like clockwork, a strange cloud has returned high above the Martian surface.

This long, thin cloud was spotted on July 17 and 19 by the Visual Monitoring Camera (VMC) attached to Mars Express, a satellite that’s been in orbit around Mars since 2004. These images were made possible owing to Mars Express’s elliptical orbit and the VMC’s wide field view, as noted in a European Space Agency press release.


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Mars map with water: incredible terraforming image shows Elon Musk’s dream

What would Mars look like if most of its surface was covered with water? Thanks to a new project released this week, we may have a better idea.

A new map shows what the red planet would look like if 71 percent of its surface area was covered with water — around the same proportion as Earth.