Friday Final Scores - 10/30


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For the 2020 Football Season, we will be using one thread to list final scores throughout the season on every night of football. You can open this thread on any day there are OHSAA football games being played in Ohio and post or view final scores.

After the day is over, games will be moved to a new thread for each day to archive throughout the season to get this thread ready for the next day of games. You can view previous game day finals threads by following the links below:

Wk1: Th Fr Sa
Wk2: Th Fr Sa
Wk3: Th Fr Sa
Wk4: Th Fr Sa
Wk5: Th Fr Sa
Wk6: Th Fr Sa
Wk7: Th Fr Sa
Wk8: Fr Sa
Wk9: Fr Sa
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Dalton 60-yard drive culminates with a 4-yard TD pass. 2-point attempt no good.

JFK 28
Dalton 18


4:32 4Q

JFK recovers on-side kick. Eagles ball at their 49.

Mr. Hollobaugh moves to TB in the Stacked-I.