Hopefully not jinxing anything before the Governor's announcement, but looking forward to hopefully seeing some games this weekend and next week! For the weekend, there appear to be a handful of interesting/competitive games. I am sure I am missing many but my thoughts on a few in SW Ohio below:

Division One:
Anderson v. Elder: I will take Elder 4-1. Anderson will be better this year but Elder will be a tough out
Sycamore - Kings: I see a 2-2 tie in a good result for Kings. I think Sycamore is going to be really good but Kings will be better than expected
Loveland - Summit: Loveland with the 3-1 victory. Interested to see how Summit plays without Simpson.

Division Two:
Indian Hill - McNicholas: 1-1 tie. Both teams lost quite a bit from last year. If one teams is going to win, I will take McNick by a goal
Bellbrook at Carroll: Carrol 4-0. Bellbrook is going to be better than last year but Carroll is Carroll
Ross v. Oak Hills: I will take Ross 3-2. Interested to see how the young guys from Ross match up against a DI school

Division Three:
Ottawa Hills v. Troy Christian: 2-1 TC. This should be a great match. OH is really young this year and TC was really young last year.
Seven Hills v. Mariemont: 3-3 tie. Two of the top small school teams from SW Ohio and both made regionals last year. Could go either way
Ha! You may be right on the Sycamore match but you don't make any real money betting on the favorites :p. You will be surprised by Ross. I don't know much about them but they had a very solid team last year and most of their top players were freshman and sophomores.

Anderson 1 - Elder 3
Don’t know much about either team. Both well coached and have some players that play a high level of club ball. Anderson has been unpredictable so I’ll bet on the more consistent of the two.

Sycamore 2 - Kings 0
Sycamore returns a ton of talent and will be a top team this year. Kings will have a great year and are heading in the right direction but this is a tough start.

Loveland 2 - SCD 1
As mentioned it will be interesting to see what SCD looks like without Simpson who has been their main attacking threat the past couple seasons. Loveland has been atop the ECC the past two years and have a great shot at repeating. Close game but I’ll take Loveland, though I think SCD will play with a chip on their shoulder this year.

Indian Hill 1 - McNick 1
Both these teams lost some great talent and scoring threats. I think both staffs probably will use this game to figure out what they have moving forward. Whatever the result, both these teams will look totally different and better by the end of the year.

Bellbrook 2 - Carroll 4
Dayton Carroll is one of the most talented D1 teams in Dayton. Bellbrook is one of the most talented D2 teams in Dayton. Carroll just has more numbers. Both teams will be fun to watch this year and should make deep runs.

Oak Hills 2 - Ross 1
Oak Hills has had a tough last couple of years. RJ, their best player is fun to watch but doesn’t have much around him. Ross has a heck of a record last year but their graduating class was talented and that leaves many holes to fill. I think it will be a long year for both squads.

Ottawa Hills ? - TC ?
I don’t know enough about these teams to make a guess but do know Ottawa Hills was very good last year. Should be a great game.

Mariemont 2 - Seven Hills 1
Mariemont has one of the best duos in Kroll and Brothers in the city. Return a majority of their players and will likely be one of the strongest teams in the city. Seven Hills is always a tough game because of their style of play. Should be a great game. I’ll go with Mariemont.


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Yea....from a casual fan kids have long ago hung up their soccer cleats....would love to see the Bellbrook - Carroll game...but being there looks to be restricted to family members based on how I read the latest mandates from the state. Let us know on live stream for that game and others....thanks!!!!!
Just saw on twitter that the Oak Hills - Ross game is being live streamed on Chatterbox. (Not really sure what that is). In past season 7-Hills has broadcast a number of their games on You Tube, but not sure if that is just home games.


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TC 1 - OH 0 final. TC back end will be dominate this year, and their middle very strong. If they can get something up front they will be a problem but lost some key graduates. I think OH last a lot from last year? I think I saw there starting a Fr up top. Not sure if that is good or bad.
You’re wayyy off on the Sycamore/Kings game. Sycamore should win easily. The better game involving Sycamore will be Sycamore/Moeller. God’s gift to soccer will be able to flaunt off all his transfers!
But word on the web is that one is already injured. Heal up well and get back at it!

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But word on the web is that one is already injured. Heal up well and get back at it!
I said this on another thread but if they had any class they would play but forfeit all their games and turn themselves in. Even some of the freshman were lured their by breaking rules. They should forfeit every game for next 4 years!