Better chance at making the playoffs, maybe, winning, no. Do you think in their region they are beating any of the Dublin's? Springfield? Whitmer? They played Dublin Coffman regular season for over a decade and only ever beat them once. Got the running clock put on them by Jerome in first round of playoffs a few years back. They beat Springfield once in the regional final and that was due to it being the best Findlay team in it's history. When is the last time they beat Whitmer in the TRAC? Have they ever?

Much better shot of making playoffs and winning in Region 7.
Agree, ask Whitmer who is nearly a lock to be a top 2 team in the TRAC year in and year out how Region 2 has been to them. Past handful of years they have lost by 20-30 points in teams in the region.


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I think this hire has the potential to be a massive flop. Some school hire "big names" and they have no idea how to adjust or coach the high school game. Bobby Carpenter's brother who was a GA at Ohio State coached high school for a season and they thought it was an awesome hire and they went 0-10.