Fetz is BACK!

I wanted to publicly send out a huge congrats to Coach Fetzer, he has recently been selected as the next Head Wrestling Coach at Lakota East High School. I personally have had the opportunity to coach with Fetz as his assistant and he as my assistant. Having Coach Fetzer back in the wrestling world does nothing but make our sport better, give more opportunity for kids to be taught the RIGHT way to do things and will make the season much more enjoyable for everyone! I am sure the Lakota East Wrestling program will continue to be more successful then ever.


Glad to see Scott back in coaching. Hope things with his family situation have stabilized as much as they could.

He did a good job with the Lakota West program when at the helm. Obviously things have changed in interscholastic wrestling since he left, but here's hoping he can stabilize things at Lakota East and turn them into a competitive team that fills a lineup and gets multiple kids to state on a year-to-year basis.
I have stepped away from being a head coach. Going to put more time into my family and business. I will be helping out at Elder as an assistant coach.


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We are excited to welcome Coach Craft to our staff at Elder (and his wife to our teaching staff!). As a former college teammate of mine and from watching what Chad has accomplished while serving as the head coach at Little Miami (where he was voted as the 2018 Southwest Ohio Division I Coach of the Year) and Lakota East (where he led his team to a Sectional title last season) - we know he'll be a great addition to our program.

With that said, this thread is about Coach Fetzer. Congratulations and welcome back to the head coaching ranks - Lakota East will be in good hands!