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I didn't see a thread for the EBC yet, so here we go. Who's considered favorites this year? I see that Salem has beaten Marlington, Alliance and Minerva. I am assuming that WB should be strong. What about South and Carrollton?


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I was surprised to see the Quakers take down Alliance and Marlington, both on the road. Marlington then nipped WB by a point. Maybe Salem is for real ....would be nice to be able to go see them play.
I have watched the first half of the season so far and my opinions should not be too surprising but let me know. The league is down. I am hard pressed to find from top to bottom a weaker league. That being said, props to Salem for being able to get through beating everyone so far. This upcoming WB game will be critical to see if the league gets closer together or they give themselves a nearly insurmountable lead. Alliance has an outside shot but they are not anywhere near the Alliance caliber teams of the past especially with their effort against Salem first time through. South is disappointing in the fact that I thought they had a shot at this year's title, but their play has been inconsistent. Depth is a question because it seems they aways have a weak link on the floor. The term Wishy-Washy (sorry) comes to mind with Minerva but South could be included. Minerva with only 2 league losses could threaten but do they have enough to put together a streak. West Branch as alway has a non-conference schedule that makes them an early season mystery but as with Alliance not the caliber of WB teams from the past. Marlington is a bit of a surprise but I understand the tole that injuries played for them. I did think they would be in the hunt but for one reason or another have played well below expectations. Carrollton as the last place team in a last place league speaks for itself.

The upcoming Salem WB game is determine much for the second run though the league. I will say that Alliance has the best shot at overtaking Salem and I do, still, somewhere in the back of my mind, feel that South and maybe Minerva could/should play themselves into the hunt. However, the teams three games back may be hard pressed to get into the hunt. They need West Branch to tighten things up for the rest of them.

What do you think?

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I just hope the kids get the rest of the season in. What I see in Minerva is their typical scrappy defensive minded team, but the last few games the offense is starting to put points on the board. They have a pretty good 1-2 punch with Sallade and Costea, at least in the last few games. They might be able to hang around and be in the hunt at the end. I typically don't go to a lot of basketball games, just weekend home games but I am watching a lot of games on live stream this year. All of the schools are doing a very good job covering the games..