Division VII State Championship: Marion Local (12-2) vs. Lucas (13-1)

Who wins?

  • Marion Local by 15+

    Votes: 40 70.2%
  • Marion Local by 8-14

    Votes: 8 14.0%
  • Marion Local by 1-7

    Votes: 1 1.8%
  • Lucas by 1-7

    Votes: 6 10.5%
  • Lucas by 8-14

    Votes: 1 1.8%
  • Lucas by 15+

    Votes: 1 1.8%

  • Total voters


That video is awesome. Movie waiting to happen. Beating ML in a "down" year is still a huge ask. My take is usually teams that never pass have a hard time defending it since they don't practice against it much. There are not very many good qbs in high school though. I look for ML to throw a lot if need be.


Thanks for the info, I can tell you are very passionate about your team. Enjoy the week, it is always a great week of expectations leading up to the big game.

Other Marion posters can do a better job on the overall stats for Marion's players.

But here are the basics of Marion's team.

Pro-style offense, will vary from QB under center 2 tight and 2 RB's, to shotgun formation with 4 wideouts. It is usually some variation in-between.

First year starting QB is a senior - has had a very good year as a first year starter.
Tail back by committee - 3 kids that all run hard, Otte has more speed and elusiveness
Full Back - Hard runner
Offensive line is on the smaller side average size 210 to 220, but very solid
Recievers - Huelsman has the best hands, good size, Otte has more speed.

The Offense had new starters at almost every position, so they started the year very slow, and have greatly improved.

Like Lucas, defense and special times have been great for Marion this year. I am not going to guess what our standard defensive front will be against the wing T. The coaches will modify the front accordingly. The three teams that were able to score on Marion did it through the air. Anna, a prolific running team, who is playing in the D6 final has put almost 40 on everyone, except Marion.

Weather looks great, hope for an exciting competitive game, and a Marion win
I'm guessing that based on the past marion will use their standard 3-4 with their 2 outside backers sometimes playing standup ends in a 5-2. They also play 5-3 against wing T with an extra nose tackle with one of the backers playing a standup defensive end, or all five as down lineman with 3 backers and 3 DBs. Marion is very good at giving opponents different looks which is very hard to adjust against as an opponent.


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There is not a stop light in the entire Marion Local school district nor any fast food places. There is a lot of Catholic churches and drinking establishments.
We have 5 churches and 1 bar. No fast food either. We have a meat market that processes deer. A lot of deer killed in Richland County. In keeping with the bar theme, a lot of beers killed too.
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wasn't there another video last year made too?
We have a local production company who makes our videos. Generally, he makes a weekly hype video. This documentary is a one of kind. No others have ever been made.


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Just giving my opinion as a neutral party. You know I pull for you guys. Just this week I think ML is head and shoulders above everyone. Hopefully the cubs can keep it competitive, do I think it happens? Most likely not.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, brother. GO CUBS.


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That's a great video. The thing is, that you could change the names and the colors and that's a LOT of schools in NW and West Central Ohio too. Sure, some have 2 stoplights, some maybe even 3, but the story is the same. It's great to see 2 schools from such small rural areas getting to play on the big stage. I'm from a small town in NW Ohio that has 4 state basketball titles...and the story is the same. The kids start playing together in 3rd grade....usually nobody new shows up....maybe a couple quit, but by their junior or senior years, it's the exact same story as this. I can't imagine growing up in a huge city school where you don't know half the kids walking down the hall. Sure, maybe they had McDonalds.....but it's been proven that McDonalds isn't all that good for you :) Good luck to both the Cubs and the Flyers this weekend


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It would make sense not to throw if you beat everyone by 30 plus running like Kirtland. But Lucas has been in half a dozen close games, losing two of them. So I am wondering, can you pass when you are forced into passing situations, or do you complete passes when the other team has the box loaded for the run? Because in all of the close games/loses your offense was held to 14 to 21 points, so the opponent was stopping the run.