D7 R25 2022

Hoist the Black

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I think people don't realize that charismatic folks can be into sports.

When I went to Steubie I worked in the cafeteria for SWOP money. Made friends with a brother and sister from the Cleveland area. Big Browns fans (Like me) during the Kosar/Dawgs Era. We'd talk Browns when I saw them in line after Mass on Sundays during football season.
I worked with someone whose grandson wrestled for Steubenville. Our kid pinned his a** to win the OVAC Title on WTOV. You better believe I busted balls about her grandson losing to a Frannie. About two weeks later they met up in another tournament. Our kid pinned her grandson again.
I played (badly .166 BA) club baseball for Franciscan. Our charismatic catcher played A Ball in the Baltimore Orioles organization. In one game he threw a rope to 2nd base to get a guy trying to steal. From his knees.

Almost forgot out 2x OVAC wrestling Champ who placed 3d in state junior year and state champ his senior year. Played for football and baseball teams also. Pretty good in football. Went on to play football at Iowa State and later the Arena League. Dad was a prof at Steubie U. Big in the Knights. Believe they were charismatic also.
There’s a saying in wrestling… anyone can get caught.


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If JFK shows up 21-17 win. JFK comes with passion, emotion, attitude
If JFK doesn't show up 28-7 loss. Roll out your helmet and get whacked
Our Seniors and dudes have to carry the load, set the tone early and often if not turn our :poop: in


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Jack Nicholson You Cant Handle The Truth GIF


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That 3-game stretch would be forum fodder for the entire season. Kinda hoping we get a “winnable” game week 2 next season, but if it ends up having to be Kennedy from lack of options, then let’s do it. I’ll take my revenge on JFK then if need be ;)
Agreed - let's do like other teams do, call JFK, put it on the schedule.....but keep looking for other options and just drop JFK if we find a more "winnable" game 😂