D7 R25 2022


All Seeing Eye of D7R25
IF Dalton drops back down I don't think we'll all be in the same region. I wouldn't be surprised if Lucas or Danville get moved.
I'm almost certain Danville will be back to 27 next year if there is movement. Could also be movement out of 27 from what I've heard.


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Lowellville is the biggest drop off, duh. I think Lucas will be a threat to JFK, they played a tough schedule and it helps. I think R25 final 4 will be JFK, Danville, Springfield, and Lucas IMO. R25 will be solid again.
I'm going on record....Lucas will win R25 in 2023.

.....and go!!!!


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Lucas and Danville would likely go to R27 if that happens. I think Lucas has been in every region but 28 since D7 came around. Unless Ohsaa wants to do what they did to us in 2019 and put Lucas in R28 like we were in R21 that year.
Yes we have. Played in the regional final in every one. No other school in Ohio can make that claim.


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300!!!!! Congrats all!!!!!

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Great meme, great movie!

The only concern is . . . will our thread ultimately have the same fate as the 300?

Side note - I REALLY admire those ancient warriors. To fight Xerxes horde like they did in those warrior skirts...wow! It usually takes me until after Labor Day to get over the chaffing I get from a week at the beach each summer. No way I'd be able to fight archers mounted on an elephant in those things!

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As DSJ football moms told their sons in 2011 when the Blue Jays took on Michigan big school power Detroit Catholic Central (of Novi), “come home with your shield — or on it.”

DSJ lost that game 14-7.
I think what’s zanier is LCC beat DSJ 21-14 the week prior.


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