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Does anyone know what sectionals and team Feeding each each district yet? Is there any change from last year? Or is it the same district just at a different school or location?
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What are you looking for specifically?

NWDAB hasn't listed sectional assignment yet but the feeder sectionals to Norwalk District are Sandusky, Clyde and Defiance with one coming from the Northeast.


This is the second year of the enrollment cycle. Therefore it's the same compositions as approved by the board of directors in the spring/summer of 2019. I'm not sure though if the E/SE mixed district shifts location this year or not though.


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This was posted by Bucksman in the NE Sectional thread.

D2 - Three sectionals are in a pod, those at Lake Catholic, Painesville Harvey, and Beachwood (either 9 or 10 schools in each sectional). The Beachwood sectional will feed to the Norwalk district, while the other two sectionals will feed to Alliance. As a result, Lake Catholic is "stuck" at Alliance; the most notable teams getting to "pick" are Aurora, Buckeye, and SVSM. The remaining two sectionals are in a pod, CF Northwest and West Branch will host (Louisville is among the teams there).