Copley Indians @ Lake Blue Streaks


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I've heard/read that Copley lost several kids to other schools. Just rumors? Also saw they put 52 on Akron Firestone. Lake and Copley have had some great games over the years. What should the fans from Blue Streak Country expect this Friday night?


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Copley is small. Really small. They are well coached and disciplined but if Lake has any physicality at all they will win. Copley hung 52 on Firestone but Firestone is putrid. Copley has a lot of spunk and fight but at the end of the day the bigger dog usually wins the fight. Lake by 28.


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The game in 2016 was one of the craziest games I’ve been to. Sad Copley has fallen so far.
Yes that game is the box score

Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Score
----------------- -- -- -- -- -----
Lake Blue Streaks... 3 21 0 14 - 38
Copley Indians...... 7 7 21 0 - 35

Scoring Summary:
1st 06:08 LAKE - Austin Coldsnow 25 yd field goal
13 plays, 71 yards, TOP 5:52, LAKE 3 - COPLEY 0
03:26 COPLEY - Weston Bridges 0 yd fumble recovery (Evan Malpass kick)
8 plays, 65 yards, TOP 2:42, LAKE 3 - COPLEY 7
2nd 11:37 COPLEY - Weston Bridges 19 yd pass from Austin Brenner (Evan Malpass kick)
8 plays, 45 yards, TOP 2:21, LAKE 3 - COPLEY 14
08:33 LAKE - Joel Francis 21 yd run (Austin Coldsnow kick)
8 plays, 62 yards, TOP 2:57, LAKE 10 - COPLEY 14
01:50 LAKE - Joel Francis 2 yd run (Austin Coldsnow kick)
10 plays, 54 yards, TOP 5:27, LAKE 17 - COPLEY 14
01:00 LAKE - Alex Keith 33 yd interception return (Austin Coldsnow kick)
3rd 06:16 COPLEY - Jake Nedolast 20 yd pass from Austin Brenner (Evan Malpass kick)
13 plays, 69 yards, TOP 5:39, LAKE 24 - COPLEY 21
03:42 COPLEY - Austin Brenner 15 yd pass from Alex Zelch (Evan Malpass kick)
3 plays, 1 yard, TOP 1:08, LAKE 24 - COPLEY 28
01:13 COPLEY - Weston Bridges 18 yd run (Evan Malpass kick)
3 plays, 50 yards, TOP 0:41, LAKE 24 - COPLEY 35
4th 09:35 LAKE - Joel Francis 1 yd run (Owen Goodheart pass failed)
8 plays, 50 yards, TOP 3:30, LAKE 30 - COPLEY 35
00:02 LAKE - Tye Hunt 6 yd pass from Owen Goodheart (Joel Francis rush)
9 plays, 72 yards, TOP 2:14, LAKE 38 - COPLEY 35
This is lakes first home game of the year and they are coming off 2 impressive victories on the road. Copley beat Firestone last week and lost in 2 OT`s to Twinburg. I look for a Lake victory by 14.


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Will be anxious to see if Lake runs the ball more this week. I really think the Streaks can dominate these games if they just run the ball with all 3 backs and even the QB at times behind that big line. Air it out here and there to set up the run.
Good win for the Streaks. Defense looked great and is great this year. Running game is good but to many dropped passes last night.

Any report on Lakes QB injury? It looked like rib injury. I hope it's not to bad.

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Well, I was a little off, predict 49-0, actual 43-9. Not too bad. Copley is really down and have been for the last few years. IF they have had a good running back, they are alright. If they don't they struggle all the way around. Lake is very solid and if they would have just kept pounding the ball at Copley rather than tossing it around a little, I believe my prognostication would have dead on or even in the 50s. Lake has a big one this coming week and looking for revenge and payback against Louisville, a team that threw the ball for half a 1,000 yards last year against them.

Prediction for that one will be coming on another thread.
Hopefully Lake QB is ready to go against Lville

Dreden Owens and that line continue to impress. Need to be just as physical against the Leopards yes sir!