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  • Incoming Senior transfer Jabari Taylor is the best player on Hoban's defense. STVM does not accept senior transfers. CYO parents are beginning to realize that under the Tyrrell coaching Era starting positions are being won by Incoming players from KENT, Ravenna, Green and APS public school kids....but the west side CYO football coaches are pounding the blue Koolaid down their throats!!! Hoban is loaded and wins back to back titles. Tyrrell will leave for greener pastures and Hoban will move up to D2 because of increased enrollment and the competitive balance rule. KENT and Ravenna players stay at home. Rumors out of Columbus.....No Sanctions but will pay a hefty fine. 50K if Tyrrell stays and 100K if he stays. No way he is back in 2017 as he is off to recruit at College (Remknds of Johnny Be Good Movie with Anthony Michael Hall)
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