Concession Stand Delicacies of Ohio

SIR!!!!! Pastor Pigskin IS IN THE HOUSE!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! All is good in Concession Land, in football Land, and in the WORLD when Pastor Pigskin is around! Let Smoove tell you, Pastor can throw down some serious liquor, too! Just 'cuz Pastor is a Pastor, don't mean his vices is all Gone! Praise be to The Pastor of the PIGSKIN!!!
Local country radio station B105 in SWOhio is going to be at the concession stand at Monroe on 9/22. Monroe hosts Franklin on that night. Not sure if B105 is attending random games around the area to spark interest in their station or if they are doing random food reviews at places. Monroe concession stand is pretty solid. The chicken fingers and fries combo is pretty good. Plus they sell Chick-fil-A sandwiches which is always a good thing.
Smoove appreciates your input, jdizzle. Smoove also is a big fan of your tag name, my Brutha! JDizzle in tha House!
JDizz makes Smoove want to drive to SW Ohio to see how nice Monroe's concession stand is. Chicken Finger Combo sounds like something Smoove could need in his life when he goes to a ball game. Great Call, JDizz. Mad Props to the concession workers and the sous-chef there in the kitchen bringin' tha Flavah and the goods! Hey, J-Dizz, how do the ladies in the concessions look? Worth a trip by Smoove?? Better not be fibbin' on Smoove either! Smoove has been knowin' to make it dangerous and felonious on peeps that be trippin'!!!! Nah,, Smoove just gots lots of LUV for everyone.......but a lotta Mo' for the Ladies!!!!!:oops::sneaky::whistle::love::LOL::banana: