College Football 2022-2023

Would be so comical to see them lose for first time in last home game and have to bring their tails to cbus the following week. Lololol
Navy beats American leader UCF, once again proving one of the most tried-and-true NFL gambling theorems: When a teams plays a physical juggernaut, bet on them the next week when they play a much softer opponent.

Playing UCF was like a ray of warm sunshine for Navy after facing an epic Notre Dame physical thunderstorm one week ago.

As I’ve said on here many times, the AAC ain’t legit or even close to legit.

I hope Coastal Carolina or another Sun Belt team who deserves the Group of Five bid gets it.

It’s true, it’s true. Trust me …
So then I guess that says a lot about Notre Dame only beating 3-6 Navy by 3 points. You're absolutely right, Notre Dame would be a middling American team. ;)

Liberty lost last week to UConn, so they've got two losses. Coastal Carolina is the only other shot for the G5 bid, but considering they're not ranked and three American teams were this week it'll be an uphill battle. They're also not playing this week after the tragic events regarding the Virginia football players.
Would be so comical to see them lose for first time in last home game and have to bring their tails to cbus the following week. Lololol
I’d like to see them both undefeated going into the game. Just seems Illinois has taken this game over the last few series.
Undefeated would be nice, but, after last year I wouldn't object to them having to come to the friendly confines where they haven't won in a couple decades on the heels of a loss and questioning themselves. Combine that with a team that should have a prize waiting for payback from last year, one would hope. My alumnusside wants to see them lose this one and us put a few score win on them next week to send arrogant khakis back where he belongs

They have nothing without Corum. That is revealing on so many levels
I get getting the game within a FG, but, if you don't get the ball back, heck of a roll of the dice with 3 minutes left and season on line from redzone
Illinois trying their best to be Illinois and give ball back on 3 and out. Come on Bielema, you need a short pass, they are waiting for the run. You need 1 1st down
Michigan deserved to lose but caught just enough breaks at home.

I'm betting my life savings on OSU and laying the points next week.
They have zero chance to score enough next week if no Corum.

There is a welcoming gift waiting for them in the Shoe
I need to see the play again, but on that 4th Down, it looked like OPI. The WR was blocking downfield before the pass was thrown.
Meh, I think that's a 50-50 play. Offense would argue the guy is being jammed within five yards and is trying to get off that jam. Defense would argue that's blocking downfield on a pass and should be OPI. I've seen much more egregious plays not called and much less get called.
He made no attempt to run a route, it’s clear as day.