Col. DeSales vs. Akron SVSM


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Good at dunking the ball, can he shoot from the outside because at 6 ' 5'' he is not going to be able to score at will under the basket in college. I hope so because I am a big OSU fan.
He took what the defense gave him. Isn’t that what‘s coached? Why make it difficult?

He can shoot from outside, at this level. We’ll see how that transfers at the next. He‘s a smart kid with a will to put the work in. I’ll put my money on him.


ST V is one of the most storied and Successful teams in Nation. They challenge themselves with a national schedule every season. The only thing Missing in their Trophy case is a D1 State title why do they not want to up their Enrolment and go win a D1 title.


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What a terrible comment. My oldest daughter graduated from St V 10 years ago...played no sports...and had two of her best friends from HS in her wedding party that were African American and didn’t play sports at St V either.
Take a chill. You know what I'm getting at.


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According to this site, SVSM is 70% white. Seems to me SVSM is much more diverse than many of the other privates and suburban schools.

Hoban is experiencing similar success in football. Maybe it's just the privates in Akron that need separated, but the Elms girls are going to be angry.
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