Col. DeSales vs. Akron SVSM

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They need to just challenge themselves and play in D1 where they belong. They’re really really good and could hang with the best in D1

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It must have been one heckuva halftime talk by Coach Joyce, as well as the defensive adjustments.

Congratulations Irish!!
. Really. He said boys: full court press. Game over. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Talent almost always wins out and St V has best talent in the state, usually ! Congrats 👍


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STVM beat division one champion at Centerville weeks ago. Congrats to the Irish with their 9th Boys Basketball OHSAA State Championship. Sencire Harris Raymar Pryor Kevin Hamilton Lance Hayes Darius Stratford Clinton Thomas Ethan Connery all return for a possible repeat in 21-22.


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Good at dunking the ball, can he shoot from the outside because at 6 ' 5'' he is not going to be able to score at will under the basket in college. I hope so because I am a big OSU fan.
That's always the rub when a player makes the jump to the next level, isn't it? How will he respond when he isn't "the best player on the floor" all of the time? Can he adjust his game when the other team can match his athleticism? You're right that he will need to improve his outside shooting. Will he? All I can offer is that (1) he has improved his shooting during his tenure with STVM and (2) he is a hard working kid who will continue to put in the effort to improve. Only time will tell, but I'm rooting for him.


I was glad to see the Spectrum had Michael Reghi and Ryan Cavanaugh on the call of the game. It gave this game a big league feel to it. Given the success of the program over the last two decades, they have earned it.

No offense to his successors, but I still miss Reghi doing Cavs games.
After watching all the Final games in all 4 divisions, I do firmly believe that SVSM is the best team in the state. They would beat anybody else by double digits. DeSales had a good team, but the game was over when the Irish went to the press in the 3rd quarter.

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SVSM was definitely the best team in the state, they earned that game. DeSales struggled with the press and couldn't overcome it.

Malaki also balled out. him and watson both are great players and should enjoy fantastic careers at the college level.