Club Ruining HS Swimming?


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Doubt that the state meet would move to a 900 seat venue. OSU seats 1500 and the consensus is that it is too small for the state meet. Canton seats 2200 to 2500. OHSAA is very loyal to Canton. Last time it was discussed OHSAA gave Canton a 10 year contract. Not certain how much is left on that. Should they move from Canton, OSU is the logical location. Its in the center of the state and probably the best pool. Seating capacity is the problem. Although that could be solved by separating the boys and girls in each division...perhaps even staggering the tournament as they do with golf, starting D2 a week before D1.
I hear you about OSU and I asked my AD about it two years ago. He said OSU DOES NOT WANT the swim meet. I was shocked but he said that would be during the OSU school year and there would be no parking available. He told me that the swimming championship is the one OHSAA championship that OSU does not want. He also said that OSU was trying to put together a package for all the championships but that one. Anyway, I am a fan of the Canton pool because of the spectator seating. Now the pool is average but the seating is fantastic. But, if the pool needs maintenance and they can't find the financing to fix it, OHSAA may be forced to find another willing venue.


Is that for sure? If that is going to happen then canton is the place to be. That place should host USA meets. No place including OSU has better seating.
ct branin is closing in march after the state meet and ymca meet they host for 6-8 months to redo the gutter system

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I always wonder if the economics would work out to put a temporary up in a place like nationwide for the state tournament? Make it ten lanes so get more swimmers in the meet which be more fans. How many tickets could be sold? Would be way more than Canton can hold but now sure if it would be double or even more. Maybe then host a big pro meet on Sunday to get another day of use? I just have no clue to the cost to put a temporary pool.

I no this will not happened just think it would be nice so that grandparents, siblings and more teammates can watch the meet.


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I don't know anything about a temporary pool or if that even is even possible. But the swimming people always seem to spend all of their money on the quality of the pool and forget about the seating. I know the seating part is expensive, but I have always thought that a national class pool built in southwest Ohio with an appropriate level club or YMCA program attached to it would be a great investment. One could have a major meet on a monthly basis never-mind the quality training that would happen. No offense, but the Miami experience is miserable for spectators. The Keating Pool during the finals of the Classic is damn near unbearable. Now I get that it is all about the swimmers, but there is no way in hell that I would drag my parents to these meets to watch my son swim with the current spectator situation. That is why I am excited about that Mason project. too bad that it too late for us but maybe it will happen future swimmer families.