Central Catholic League... no more?

Alright let's not pretend that blowing out a pair of OCC bottom feeders is something that "surprises all central Ohio football fans." Hartley SHOULD be doing that to programs that clearly aren't very good. I know wins against "D1" teams are supposed to be impressive, but I guarantee nobody is celebrating a win over Westland, Westerville North, or Thomas Worthington. Brag about Clinton-Massie/Coldwater games, not the games against programs that get 8-9 wins over 3 seasons.

Although I will say I am very surprised that Harvest Prep agreed to play. That is a great schedule by Hartley because they should win and it will be worth a decent number of computer points. Just don't turn around and lose like another CCL school did to a D7 this past year ;)

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We’ll just have to agree to disagree about the wins in 2016 & 2017 over GC Central Crossing & Worthington Kilbourne. GC CC has only 2 winning seasons in its 17 years of football, Kilbourne has had some success but it’s safe to say they are definitely a bottom half, perhaps even bottom third football program in the OCC. Hartley’s regular season tilts vs Coldwater and Clinton Massie - those are season/program defining type games not a game vs GC CC (unless you lose to them).

Football wise Hartley, Watterson & DeSales would be fine in just about any OCC Division. Ready & St Charles would benefit being in the MSL. However for other sports I don’t know how well it works for St Charles, I would think their prestige/ego would take a hit. Like you said, St Charles probably doesn’t care but wait until they go to an away golf or tennis match vs a MSL team.
I would imagine St Charles would be with Bexley, Academy, Worthington Christian and Grandview for the country club sports.

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Harvest Prep agreeing to play Hartley isn’t surprising at all. Even if they’re four touchdown dogs, their coach and program has a “welcome any and all challengers” mentality. Remember that they just went undefeated in the MSL-Ohio last year. Doesn’t mean that they all of the sudden can compete with the Hawks, but HP for years has always had some dang good teams yet weren’t getting themselves any respect because of their league. Hard to get that when you’re playing Millersport and Ned Flanders Christian. Whatever postseason success they accrue is meaningless to their part of town since it’s D7 (possibly soon to be D6.) Them beating schools such as Whitehall and getting edged by Eastmoor (if only they kicked the PAT’s instead of going for two!) are wins that are milestones. Even if they play with Hartley, it counts for something and is a morale victory.