California teams out of Walsh Jesuit Ironman

It was reported today that California teams such as Buchanan St. John Bosco, Poway etc will not compete at this year's Walsh Jesuit Ironman. It was also reported on a California website that the California High School Sports Association or whatever it's called (CIF) passed rules against all high school teams from competing against teams that are not a part of its structure, no matter the state.. Football, Basketball, Wrestling are all equally prohibited.New York did something similar in response to the Lebron James Traveling Circus many years ago(2004?)This has nothing to do with the public schools vs private schools debate like Blair and Wyoming Seminary in wrestling. This ruling was passed just this past week. Whether legislation like this can be rescinded is another question. Suffice it to say, the Walsh Jesuit Ironman and wrestling overall just took a big hit and the other sports will feel the effect quite soon.


The California ruling is driven by IMG Academy in football. IMG Academy being based out of Florida, and plays a couple of the California powers (St. John Bosco, Mater Dei). It is what it is, and the sport will move on.


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This really sucks. Some of Ironman's most memorable recent wrestlers have come from California (IMar, Valencias), and several stars from this year's upcoming tourney (Richie Figs, Joey Cruz, Bobby Perez).

This is rough for fans of good wrestlers in states with these rules, You could only really see Mark Hall (Minnesota) at the Clash, and didn't see guys like Yianni (NY) much at all in season. The only really major tourney in CA is Doc B, which will now be the only major tourney those top teams will attend.

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Ed’s is heading to Doc B this year. With the new rules, hopefully we see more teams follow suit.