Boycott Coca-Cola

Absolutely. Even my Hispanic wife sad that was bs. Pepsi... leave the coke to overweight actors and NBA players.
I was truly stunned, and offended, by this commercial. How much better would it have been to have all these recent immigrants singing "America" in English even if it had been heavily accented English. The whole assimilation, melting pot idea.
Why is this not on the "debate forum"? Take the insanity to the home of insanity. Don't bring the haters to this forum also.
I've been boycotting it for like a month now since realizing dark colored sodas make my stomach hurt. Simply a light-skinned soda guy now.
I've boycotted Coke since to 90 million contract with LBJ.


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Coca-Cola is an international Corporation, and there was nothing wrong with the commercial. Remember that they want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony....

Instead of showing people from all around the world, they added their language.

It is a commercial for heaven's sake, and all commercials suck.
America 2...

(This one always sends chills up my back)


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America 3....

Long before there was a Susan Boyle ther was Kate Smith!

This became her signature song - she would close her TV show
with this number.