Blake McCormick

umm... are you joking about our coach?? haha you have no idea who our coach is do you...??
you might want to look that up, then you'll change your mind about the ability of our coach. she has accomplished way more in volleyball than you can imagine.

I know who your coach is.

I just think actions speak louder than words in this world. Her resume in boys volleyball is almost a joke to me. One all state player (yes, he was POY but that's beside my point), no state tournament appearances since you were born, and you don't really hear much about the PM program these days....or ever for that matter. I'm sure she has accomplished a lot, I don't doubt it. On the other hand though, you have to look at what she's done in boys volleyball.
yes lhs07. ill be heading out to rutgers to play my college ball.

congratulations! do you know who will be coaching at Rutgers next year? I had heard that Coach Byron might be moving to an assistant spot at Ohio State?

I also heard that Blake is walking on at Ohio State and hasn't signed anything.
thanks bud. yea, byron is going to osu and they are searching for the new coach right now. should know very soon. i read on MH that blake signed but maybe it is just a walk on. thats still huge though.