Best musician of all time.

Although I could never get into Zappa, he does deserve recognition as one of the best and influential for rock.

Not sure about influential...I don't think he influenced anyone...he had a method of his own, really that know one could copy. Musically he was incredible with time changes, lyrics, instrumentation etc.
And lyrically. No one else could conjure simultaneous images of a car-driving javelina and Atticus Finch. (but who else would want too...) And then go in to a story of getting a stubborn girl "happy" by enjoying her sister in front of her.

He was devoting most of his time to business opportunity behind recently opened Eastern Europe when he died. I wonder what came of his efforts.
As is usually the case on the General Board the answers are skewed towards generation X and the millennial's.

How about going OLD school - My vote for greatest musician of ALL time is:

NERO! His musicianship was so good it burned the joint to the ground!
I think this is too broad a question. Are you talking about pop, jazz, classical, or what? Probably the greatest living musician is a violinist named Joshua Bell. He is just plain phenomenal. He can play anything. My favorite jazz musician was Louie Armstrong. He was a great performer, but I don't know that I would really call him a great musician. As far as people like Bieber, they know nothing. They shouldn't even be considered. Same goes with Elvis.