Asia’s ‘murder hornet’ found in US for first time


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Enough already.

Now, deadly hornets from Asia that measure up to 2 inches long have been found for the first time in the US — and researchers are worried they’re colonizing.

The aggressive insects, nicknamed “murder hornets,” can wipe out bee colonies within hours and have stingers long and powerful enough to puncture beekeeping suits.


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The real issue is how they can wipe out bee colonies. The bee population was already dwindling, but it will be even worse if these fkers start to grow in mass.


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"“We have it totally under control. It’s one hornet coming in from China. We have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.” - Donald Trump


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In all seriousness the regular Japanese Bees have a defense mechanism for the hornet which includes letting it into the hive and then surrounding it essentially suffocating the hornet with CO2.

Pretty soon the world will look like Asia which seems to have the most resilient species.