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What are your thoughts of this match up? Does, Barberton have a chance? Can Barberton beat Hoban? Prediction of winner and score?


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Hoban is heavily favored here. Drew Pasteur puts a 5-TD win as likely in his metrics. Maybe 49-14?

Barberton has a good balanced team, but their defense is unlikely to stop Hoban's running attack with Lamar Sperling (same issue most of Hoban's other opponents have had).

A Barberton win here would be a HUGE Summit county upset. One that Barberton is certainly capable of, but it's not expected.


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Looks like it will be a bit warmer than the last time these two met in the playoffs.

My brother went with his crew. Game was a regional final at Green HS. Hoban won handily, but my brother said it took him 3 days to thaw out.


As much as it pains me to say this, Hoban by a TON


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Any update on how healthy Hoban's defense is? Rumor had it that the Ed's beatdown left the Knights with some nagging injuries.

Rich Kotite

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Sure, Hoban will win this game going away, but Barberton hot sauce will always be a winner.

The Magics have come so far in the last few years, they are a good story.


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This will be the 20th meeting in football between Barberton and Hoban and the second time the squads have met in the playoffs. The Magics hold a 10-9 advantage historically. The two programs squared-off regularly from 1958 though 1976, a portion of which time they both competed in the rugged NEO Conference. The series was fairly even from 1958-70 (DNP in 1966-68) before the Magics reeled-off six straight wins from 1971-76. The Knights have won the last three match-ups; 2013, 2014 and the D2 R5 Final in 2017.


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University of Hoban = Cheaters

But then again, the OHSAA as a whole are a bunch of criminals as well.

Wow, lol. Are Hoban "Cheaters" or "Criminals"? Or both?

Nothing but respect for the Barberton program. Sorry its not mutual in this case, but I understand.


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I'm guessing Hoban continues to roll, by at least 3 TD's. No one has been able to stop Sperling all season (still had 157 yards and 2 TD's against St. Edward) and Hoban just has too many ways to beat most teams.