Any bird brains out there?

Mr. Slippery

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Birds get full size pretty quickly. A hummingbird is a fully mature adult in about a month. So there are more adult hummingbirds in late summer than any other time of the year. So yeah, they are most likely to be seen right now.

Almost certainly Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. RTHU are only 3.75 inches from the tip of their long bill to the end of their tail feathers. Anything else in Ohio is lost, which happens every year during fall migration.

Think about buying a hummingbird feeder. Make your own sugar water. Don't buy the stuff dyed red.
That's what we do. It's not uncommon to have 1 or 2 sightings at the feeder while we eat dinner just 10 ft. away on our screened in back porch. Some brightly colored flowers can also help the cause in attracting hummingbirds.


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You are right. Woolly Bears are everywhere starting around this time. I have to avoid them like crazy while riding my bike. I never seem to see as many Tiger Moths as I do Woolly Bears? Bird food?