AB signs with Pats


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I was thinking the same thing, why keep working with him?
Then I wondered, maybe it was about $$ and prestige? Maybe she needed the money and credibility of being a trainer for an NFL player. I don't know, I don't know whom she is or the situation.
Many would be like 'get the hell outta there' and I would agree, but $$ makes you put up with a lot of things.

AT the end of the day, it is all smoke and she just wants money.
That’s it shame the female, AB is a POS


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Conflicted here. I can see AB doing this. Then a video comes out.

They were in negotiations and couldn't come to terms and she she's for 75k? He wipes his arse with hundos so that is nothing so maybe it is false.

I always remember when bettis was accused years ago. He got out in front of it before the news broke, stating a woman was trying so shake him down. Believe that went nowhere.


this guy sounds like a major dirtbag, but he can catch a football so let's just continue to look the other way...nothing to see here NFL...how is he NOT suspended already?