2023 Harbin Points Thread

The teams with the 1-8 seeds get a first round home game and from what I understand, 1-4 get a second round home game if they win. If, by chance 1-4 lose their first game who gets the 2nd round home game ? the next highest seed in the tourney of the team that upsets 1-4 ?
Same question I asked. Apparently if 16 seed upsets one seed the 16 seed gets the home game. And they play the eight seed.
At that point it is the higher seed of the two. Last year Anderson was the 10 seed and beat the 7 seed troy. Little Miami was 15 last year and beat the 2 seed Xenia. So in round 2 your had 10 Anderson vs 15 Little Miami. The game was played at Anderson. This is a rare example but it does happen. Look at the Anderson's schedule last year. They went on the road in week 11, but got to come home week 12. Had Troy won the game would have been at Troy.