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Recall seeing something last year where during a court appearance it appeared he had gained a substantial amount of weight in just the year or so he'd been out of the league...I think weight control, overeating, etc. was a lifelong struggle due to a combination of heredity and having a rough and unstable upbringing. His father died in part to diabetic complications and at one point weighed nearly 500 pounds. If this is verified as "natural" I think he probably also unfortunately passed on due to severe weight related complications.
He was in court due to a possession of marijuana charge and having over $3,000 in hand. Not a real wiz, but my guess he was dealing drugs. So, weght, drugs, diabetes, and who knows what else. I kind of wish the stories would be completely told as they may be a deterrent for others. We brush these things under the rug, calling them "natural" causes and it simply was not. People in their 20's and 30's don't just die. I wonder what happened with his relationship with Roosevelt Barnes.