Centerville Elks 2020 record

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ELK Strong

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Much as I hate too...I'll be the first to say it. The 2020 Elks record will be ...0-0. There ain't gonna be a season. Whether the virus peters out or no (probably not), the economy by August will be in full-on shambles. This will affect everything, including HS sports. Crucify me now...by August you won't care.
I have even thought about that. Practice doesn't usually start until August which is 4.5 months away. I think this all blows over in 30-45 days and life will be back to normal by May 1.

ELK Strong

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Elks are in trouble. Lack of talent and kids leaving. This isn’t Centerville football .
I haven't heard this. Who has left recently? Elks have some really good Seniors this fall and 2 strong classes with the Junior and Sophomore classes on varsity too.