2019/20 Federal League Standings, Schedules,Scores, etc.

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How’s Glenoak supposed to be this year? I know their top player left. I’d assume it should be a good road test for a Boardman team that expects to contend for the district title this year.

I am glad Boardman added the matchups with GO, Green and Lake this year as they likely won’t be tested by anyone locally outside of maybe Youngstown Chaney, who should be the top D-2 team in the Ytown/Warren area.
I know their best returning player is Christian Parker. Both freshmen from last year transferred. I would think they'd be middle of the pack in the league this year. Boardman will probably win on Tuesday, but the Eagles have pulled off upsets before. If I was Boardman, I wouldn't overlook them.


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Friday 12/6/19
Jackson 69 at Lake 57
Hoover 43 at Green 62
McKinley 65 at Glenoak 71

League play begins!
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Friday 12/6/19
Jackson at Lake
Hoover at Green
McKinley at Glenoak

League play begins!
For that Jackson-Lake matchup -

Is there any chance Lake will be bringing in extra seating?
Can I bring my lawn chair?
Why not move it to Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse?