2017-18 Buckeye Basketball

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Second time watching OSU this year. Bates-Diop was the best player on the court, Tate was a monster on the boards, and Kaleb Wesson is a future NBA player. Rest of the team was not so good.

The fact that OSU has had the success they've had with Dakich playing 18 minutes a game is mind-blowing.


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Love 74 62 to Michigan how sad shoukd drop out of polls.
Michigan is ranked in the top 25 numb nuts.

You have to take the good,back,and ugly.

Ohio state should be at the top of the polls DESTROYING Mich St

The same goes for beating Purdue!
Chop, have to disagree that KBD was best player on court yesterday as it was one of his worst games of the year...5-17 shooting and was not a factor much of the game. Tate kept them in the game with his second chance points. Rachman for Michigan and Wagner were pretty good for Michigan. OSU guards did not show up again...CJ, Kam and Dakich were all terrible all day. KBD is a legit all-American candidate as he has carried this team all year....he needs to keep doing that for them to win games in Big 10 tourney and NCAA tourney. Supporting cast not good enough to beat good teams without KBD playing really well. That being said, Holtmann still has to be Big 10 coach of the year for what he has done with this team.


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Potter must be in the doghouse for some reason, because I don't buy into the idea that Young has shown he's "ready for prime time." Young has good hops, but he's still a half-step behind everyone else on the court, and it takes him forever to read & react to what's happening around him.

He was a huge liability on the offensive end on Sunday, and the Wolverines just basically laid off of him to help defense on everyone else. At least Potter is good for a three pointer or two per game to keep defenses honest.



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They were so tired just kept shooting those long 3's,a very nice team win.
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They desperately need to adjust the foul out rule up to 6 fouls. At the very least, when the game enters overtime, each player should get an additional foul.

Also, the team fouls should reset at the 10 minute mark, and in OT


Looks like the Bucks will have to play PSU in the third round, assuming they beat Northwestern. Not real confident in that game. They seem like the only team in the conference that has OSU's number this year.

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Unbiased I don't like OSU's chances to make the finals let alone win the whole thing this year. If Michigan makes it to the weekend and tickets are sub-$100 I'd like to make it to MSG myself.


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Michigan looks to me playing the toughest ball in the conference with now. THey're on Mich St' side of things, right? OSU matches up well with Purdue. I think OSU has a good shot at the finals.

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I like the offensive rebound shot clock reset and the NBA lane. College basketball isn't great at shooting the 3 so moving it further back doesn't really make sense. I hate the 2 free throws on the 5th foul and I hate the 4 10 minute quarters strictly for the NIT. I'd prefer it be that way for all of CBB, but since it isn't the NIT should leave it at 2 20 minute halves.


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No love for the Buckeyes in the B1G tourney,I would hope we can finally beat Penn State.