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Lore - Lore (2023)

-Psychedelic Heavy Rock

My Ratings: 74.355
-Rank: 1188 (out of 2517)
-Median: 75.5
-Range: 10.4

Best Track: Drowned in Stone [78.0]

First time hearing these guys.... debut album. This is Heavy Rock with mixes of Stoner, Doom, and Fuzz.... can get sort of Sludgy as well with some punkish vibes. The last track is a bit different than the rest as it is solid Doom with the Sabbath like riffs...... I liked 6 of the 8 tracks w/ two heading to the playlist.


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Cave In - Final Transmission (2019)

-Space/Post Rock

My Ratings: 69.734
-Rank: 2165 (out of 2518)
-Median: 70.0
-Range: 9.0

Best Track: Winter Window [74.0]

This one was different. I only really liked 3 of the 9 tracks.


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Runemagick - The Supreme Force of Eternity (1998)

-Death Metal

My Ratings: 73.905
-Rank: 1306 (out of 2519)
-Median: 75.3
-Range: 11.0

Best Track: Sign of Eternity (pt II) [78.0]

I went back 25 years to check out Runemagick's first album. This one was a bit thrashy at times which is not a bad thing. 2 of the 8 tracks I did not like but 4 others made my playlist. Overall, I liked the album and will be listening to more of them.


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Mammuthus - Imperator (2023)

-Stoner Rock/Doom Metal

My Ratings: 76.156
-Rank: 728 (out of 2520)
-Median: 76.0
-Range: 4.0

Best Track: Bloodworm [78.0]

Debut full album and much improved over the 2020 EP. Liked all 7 tracks with 3 heading to the playlist. You get your fuzzy guitars with this one that ventures from rock to metal.


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The Anchoret - It All Began With Lonliness (2023)

-Progressive Metal

My Ratings: 74.868
-Rank: 1056 (out of 2521)
-Median: 75.4
-Range: 13.0

Best Track: Forsaken [78.2]

There was a lot of talk about this album with some saying this could be the album of the year. I liked 8 of the 9 tracks w/ 2 heading to the playlist.

"The Anchoret is a Progressive Metal project that combines prog rock sensibilities with modern metal energy. Mixing fusion sax, flute solos, mellotron vibes and heavy riffs. "It All Began With Loneliness" offers a unique soundscape that is sure to please any fan of heavy music."


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Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats - Mind Control (2013)

-Stoner Rock/Metal

My Ratings: 76.801
-Rank: 587 (out of 2522)
-Median: 75.0
-Range: 10.0

Best Track: Desert Ceremony (83.0)

Liked all the tracks. This one was a bit different then the last album I heard as it was more Stoner/Psychedelic rock sounding than Doom Metal. Overall I like "Blood Lust" album much much more than this one.


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Iron Void - Doomsday (2015)

-Doom Metal

My Ratings: 77.546
-Rank: 476 (out of 2523)
-Median: 77.6
-Range: 10.6

Best Track: Path to Self Destruction [82.6]

5th album from them and this one ranks in the middle. The front half was definitely much better than the 2nd. Straight forward old school Doom sounding..... 6 of the 11 tracks head to my playlist.


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Spotlights - Tidals (2016)

Doom Gaze/Post Metal

My Ratings: 76.570
-Rank: 638 (out of 2524)
-Median: 76.0
-Range: 3.0

Best Track: To The End [78.0]

Debut album... This album could of been great if the vocals weren't so buried in the tracks. Other than that.... pretty good debut.


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Runemagick - Enter the Realm of Death (1999)

-Death Metal

My Ratings: 72.783
-Rank: 1599 (out of 2525)
-Median: 72.0
-Range: 9.6

Best Track: Longing For Hades [77.0]


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-(16)- - Drop Out (1996)

-Sludge Metal

My Ratings: 74.540
-Rank: 1143(out of 2526)
-Median: 75.0
-Range: 9.6

Best Track: Seeds and Stems [76.6]

Angry album. Alternative Metal that has the beginnings of Sludge. Can hear some Helmet influences but with rawer filthy lyrics. This is the 4th album I have heard from them. Liked all but one track and this one comes in 3rd of the 4.


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Fires in the Distance - Echoes From Deep November (2020)

-Melodic Death Doom

My Ratings: 76.460
-Rank: 667 (out of 2527)
-Median: 76.2
-Range: 4.4

Best Track: The Climb [79.0]

Debut album....


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King Mountain - Wrath of the Gods (2023)

-Heavy Rock

My Ratings: 73.280
-Rank: 1486 (out of 2528)
-Median: 73.8
-Range: 5.6

Best Track: Tears of the Earth [75.6]

Bluesy Robin Trower sounding Heavy Rock..... Liked their previous album much better.


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Savoy Brown - Raw Sienna (1970)

-Blues Rock

My Ratings: 73.113
-Rank: 1524 (out of 2529)
-Median: 72.6
-Range: 11.0

Best Track: That Same Feelin' [79.0]

Liked most of it but did not like this one as much as the other album I have heard. The lead singer sounds a bit like Hendrix.....


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<new release>

REZN & Vinnum Sabbathi - Silent Future (2023)

-Heavy Psych Rock/Drone

My Ratings: 79.827
-Rank: 265 (out of 2530)
-Median: 78.3
-Range: 9.0

Best Track: Unknown Ancestor [85.0]

REZN is a band I've been getting into and for this release they collaborated with a band called Vinnum Sabbathi (who I have never heard) to come up with this concept album. This sounds just like REZN as well as the spacey vocals so I am not sure what the other band contributed. Liked everything with most of the tracks heading to my playlist. This one could end up on my top albums for 2023 list.


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Saint Vitus - Hallow's Victim (1985)

-Doom Metal

My Ratings: 75.528
-Rank: 875 (out of 2531)
-Median: 75.6
-Range: 2.0

Best Track: Hallow's Victim [76.6]


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Sodom - Persecution Mania (1987)

-Black/Thrash Metal

My Ratings: 74.846
-Rank: 1070 (out of 2532)
-Median: 75.0
-Range: 8.0

Best Track: Procession to Golgotha [79.0]

Sodom's 2nd album and one of the better ones that I have heard...


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Warlord - Deliver Us (1983)

-Heavy Metal

My Ratings: 74.899
-Rank: 1051 (out of 2533)
-Median: 76.6
-Range: 11.0

Best Track: Child of the Damned [79.0]

Lots of guitar solos in this one. Liked 5 of the 7 tracks with the first 3 going on my playlist. Liked this album a little better than the 1984 one.


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Acid - Maniac (1983)

-Speed Metal

My Ratings: 71.530
-Rank: 1909 (out of 2534)
-Median: 72.2
-Range: 9.0

Best Track: Max Overload [74.0]

Never heard of this band before and had no idea that was a female singer until looking the band up after hearing them. I did like 5 of the 8 tracks but nothing really stuck out.


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My Death Belongs to You - The World Seems to be Fading (2020)

-Funeral Doom Metal

My Ratings: 76.810
-Rank: 589 (out of 2535)
-Median: 76.6
-Range: 3.2

Best Track: Tomorrow is the Last Day [78.2]

5 long tracks, liked them all. 1 man band and only album under this name. It is funeral doom so nothing fancy with slow repeated riffs with slow growl vocals and some synths too....


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Filter - The Algorithm (2023)

-Alternative Rock

My Ratings: 65.165
-Rank: 2476 (out of 2536)
-Median: 65.0
-Range: 19.0

Best Track: The Drowning [74.0]

Worse Filter album by far... only liked 2 of the 11 tracks... some were horrid to my ears. This was the album that was suppose to go back to the basics but I guess Patrick could not get along with Liesegang again and went off in his own direction.....


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Soen - Memorial (2023)

-Progressive/Alternative Rock/Metal

My Ratings: 72.100
-Rank: 1775 (out of 2537)
-Median: 72.0
-Range: 9.6

Best Track: Icon [76.6]

This album seemed softer to me than there other releases and less proggy and a bit more Alternative. Icon was the heaviest track and too bad for me there weren't many more like it. This one comes in a whole step down from previous works. Nothing made my playlist and I only liked half the tracks.


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Moon Coven - Sun King (2023)

-Stoner/Doom Metal

My Ratings: 75.668
-Rank: 847 (out of 2538)
-Median: 75.6
-Range: 6.6

Best Track: Wicked Worlds in Gold They Wrote [78.6]

First time hearing these guys from Sweden. Liked all the tracks w/ two heading to the playlist. Not as deeper toned as other Doom/Stoner bands with a slightly faster tempo.


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Witchthroat Serpent - Trove of Oddities at the Devil's Driveway (2023)

-Doom Metal

My Ratings: 73.660
-Rank: 1390 (out of 2539)
-Median: 74.0
-Range: 4.0

Best Track: Multi-dimensional Marvelous Throne [75.6]

"It achieves our initial dream, recording an album on analog without using a computer or digital material.
This album is on the whole slower than its predecessors but mostly darker and more evil, a tribute to old horror movies,
psychedelic drugs and lost souls. An invocation to Satan!
On this record we paid special attention to the atmosphere, threatening and anguishing, thus using for the first time a mellotron and movie samples.
We wanted to keep the sound raw and natural so the Kerwax was really the perfect place to capture
the haunted and psychedelic vibes of the songs which were live-recorded first takes" ... Band


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<new release>

Domkraft - Sonic Moons (2023)

-Psychedelic Sludge Metal

My Ratings: 77.813
-Rank: 447 (out of 2540)
-Median: 77.0
-Range: 5.0

Best Track: Whispers [81.0]

First time hearing these guys and it sounds really good. Liked all of it and will check out other releases.


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REZN - Calm Black Water (2018)

-Heavy Psych/Ambient/Drone Rock

My Ratings: 81.360
-Rank: 184 (out of 2541)
-Median: 80.3
-Range: 7.6

Best Track: Iceberg [85.6]

Great album.... every track made my playlist and will be purchasing this one as soon as I can make up my mind if I want the LP or CD. My favorite REZN album to date but I still have one more to hear....


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<new release>

Ethereal Tomb - When The Rivers Dry (2023)

-Sludge Metal

My Ratings: 73.699
-Rank: 1390 (out of 2542)
-Median: 75.0
-Range: 10.0

Best Track: When the Rivers Dry [77.0]

Started out pretty good but then a couple of tracks I did not care for. Overall, liked the previous album much better than this one.


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<Live Album>

Iron Void - Live 2008 (2008)

-Doom Metal

My Ratings: 72.480

Best Track: Conflict Inside [76.6]

Iron Void formed in 1998 but split in 2000. In 2008 Sealey reformed the band with some ex members of So Mortal Be and recorded a live event at a bar. This album was the result of that.
Anyhow, I really like Iron Void and this one shows you that band completely stripped and totally raw. While this one ends up being far from my favorite I did like 5 out of the 8 tracks.
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Khan - Vale (2018)

-Heavy Psych

My Ratings: 75.405
-Rank: 914 (out of 2543)
-Median: 76.0
-Range: 7.0

Best Track: Separation [78.0]


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A Pale Horse Named Death - Lay My Soul to Waste (2013)

-Gothic Doom Metal

My Ratings: 77.660
-Rank: 462 (out of 2544)
-Median: 77.1
-Range: 9.0

Best Track: Shallow Grave [84.0]

I've now listened to all their albums to date... this one comes in 3rd out of the 4 albums. Liked all of it with 6 tracks heading to the playlist. Heard a little Alice in Chains in there as well as some Manson. Some say they sound like Type O Negative but I don't hear that.....


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The Howling Void - Nightfall (2013)

-Symphonic Funeral Doom Metal

My Ratings: 76.493
-Rank: 661 (out of 2545)
-Median: 75.8
-Range: 4.0

Best Track: In Subterranean Temples [79.0]

This was basically an instrumental with very limited vocals. I think I have now heard all of their albums.