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Opeth - Orchid (1995)

-Progressive Death Metal

My Ratings: 73.785
-Rank: 1292 (out of 2429)
-Median: 73.0
-Range: 4.4

Best Track: Under the Weeping Moon [76.4]

This was the only Opeth album I have yet heard. This was their debut album and while I am used to the polished smooth transitional prog by Opeth this one was raw and chaotic. There was no transition it just shifted abruptly which threw me off. Still a pretty good album though as I liked all the tracks.


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Pantheon (LR) - Empire in Ruin (2023)

-Death/Thrash/Black Metal

My Ratings: 73.912
-Rank: 1256 (out of 2430)
-Median: 74.2
-Range: 8.2

Best Track: Blood the Bible Bleeds [77.2]

Lots of bands by this name but these guys are from Little Rock. Mostly Death metal but you get some thrashy and black metal riffs as well. Liked most of it as it has that old school sound to it.....


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Leroy T. Brown - The Yellow King (2023)

-Stoner Rock/Metal

My Ratings: 72.480
-Rank: 1612 (out of 2431)
-Median: 73.8
-Range: 9.6

Best Track: Jupiter Rising [76.6]

The vocals sounded a little punkish or sludgy but the riffing was definitely Stoner. Debut album. Liked 6 of the 10 tracks.....


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In Flames - Foregone (2023)

-Melodic Groove Metal

My Ratings: 69.770
-Rank: 2081 (out of 2432)
-Median: 70.3
-Range: 13.0

Best Track: Cynosure [75.0]


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Growing up in the 70's and 80's I was around great music of that time. Huge Black Sabbath/Ozzy fan I progressed to the 80's thrash scene and made weekly visits to Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Hara Arena in Dayton, and Bogarts in Cincinnati to see great bands before they became huge.... Oh the great days...

I really have not been able to get into the metal bands of today though I do admit that I am way out of the loop... so I have decided to go back in time to rediscover greatness. To actually listen to albums for the first time and rediscover "new" old bands.

I've actually did this last year but did not document it on Yappi but I decided to share it this year and hopefully some can do the same or at least suggest albums for me to listen to.... I am into Classic Rock, Rock, Old school Thrash/Speed, Heavy Metal, Metal, Grunge, and that sort of thing.....

The albums must be studio albums so no Live, Best of, Greatest Hits, etc....

I usually stick to a trio of years and I am finishing up with the years.... 1976, 1986, and 1996 and then will move on to 1977, 1987, 1997 with some 1967's .... but sometimes I drift off.... My goal is to listen to 100+ albums that I have never listened to this year.....
AHHH, the memories. I went to a very small college in Middle Georgia (3,000) after a sabbatical to the military to get my tuition. And we had an intimate auditorium, where we were able to listen to a few folks during and after my journey through the educational system, before they hit it biggly. (Harry Chapin, Jim Croce, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and The Grass Roots)


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Been busy and had no time to post but I did listen to a couple new releases last week....


Siege of Power - This is Tomorrow (2023)

-Death Metal

My Ratings: 71.837
-Rank: 1760 (out of 2434)
-Median: 72.0
-Range: 7.6

Best Track: Scavengers [75.6]

Mostly old school Death Metal with some thrash riffs and touches of Black Metal....


Avatar - Dance Devil Dance (2023)

-Avant-garde Metal

My Ratings: 69.492
-Rank: 2115 (out of 2435)
-Median: 69.0
-Range: 9.0

Best Track: Valley of Disease [73.0]

Only liked 3 of the 11 tracks....


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Godsmack - Lighting Up the Sky (2023)

-Hard Rock

My Ratings: 71.365
-Rank: 1843 (out of 2436)
-Median: 72.0
-Range: 7.0

Best Track: You and I [74.0]

I am a fan of Godsmack and seen them many many times. Especially like the early stuff but also think the newer is pretty good. That being said this album by far I liked the least. Something was just not right about it.....I did manage to like 6 of the 11 tracks but nothing near great in my opinion.


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Insomniun - Anno 1696 (2023)

-Melodic Death Metal

My Ratings: 72.855
-Rank: 1523 (out of 2437)
-Median: 72.5
-Range: 6.0

Best Track: White Christ [76.0]

Insomnium is one of those bands that I would not buy their album but will listen to them when they come on. Did not care for this one as much as the last.


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Filter - Anthems for the Damned (2008)

-Alternative Rock

My Ratings: 72.020
-Rank: 1714 (out of 2438)
-Median: 71.8
-Range: 8.0

Best Track: The Wake [76.0]


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Hail the Void - Memento Mori (2023)

-Stoner/Doom Metal

My Ratings: 76.727
-Rank: 582 (out of 2439)
-Median: 76.0
-Range: 5.0

Best Track: Talking to the Dead [79.6]

"Released as part of a special series of releases curated by Ozzy Osbourne bassist Blasko, “Memento Mori” evolves from a towering and thunderous doom beast to a lysergic and spellbinding rock marvel reminiscent of the likes of Pink Floyd and King Crimson. Hail The Void produces a rich 8-track brimming with finely chiseled riffs, powerful build-ups and ardent vocals from frontman Kirin Gudmundson. A multi-dimensional record that should captivate fans of doom metal, classic rock and heavy psychedelia all at once!" 666MrDoom

This was there sophomore album and the first time for me hearing this band. Liked all of it with 3 tracks heading to my playlist. Heavy vocals with slow Doom Riffs just to my liking. Will definitely check out the first album.


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Dream Theater - Awake (1994)

-Progressive Rock

My Ratings: 75.256
-Rank: 910 (out of 2440)
-Median: 75.0
-Range: 16.6

Best Track: Space-Dye Vest [84.6]


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Bodyfarm - Ultimate Abomination (2023)

-Death Metal

My Ratings: 73.760
-Rank: 1303 (out of 2441)
-Median: 73.7
-Range: 5.8

Best Track: Symbolical Warfare [77.0]

First time hearing this band. Some old school death going on here....Liked 9 of the 10 tracks....


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Enslaved - Heimdal (2023)

-Progressive Black Metal

My Ratings: 72.956
-Rank: 1502 (out of 2442)
-Median: 73.8
-Range: 7.6

Best Track: Heimdal [75.6]

Liked 4 of the 7 tracks and overall liked it better than their last album.


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Stoned Jesus - Father Light (2023)

-Heavy Rock

My Ratings: 75.360
-Rank: 882 (out of 2443)
-Median: 75.8
-Range: 8.6

Best Track: Porcelain [78.6]

6 tracks on this one. 2 Good enough to make my playlist. This album seemed a lot softer than what I have heard from them before. Solid album


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Iron Void - Iron Void (2014)

-Doom Metal

My Ratings: 77.660
-Rank: 449 (out of 2444)
-Median: 77.0
-Range: 9.6

Best Track: Necropolis [84.0]

Debut full length album. Liked all that was on it with 6 tracks heading to my playlist. This was old school sounding Doom. They have older stuff including a demo and EP for me to check out in the future....


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The Banishment - Machine and Bone (2023)

-Industrial Rock

My Ratings: 70.940
-Rank: 1930 (out of 2445)
-Median: 71.0
-Range: 13

Best Track: Max Pain [39.0]

In the 80's I was a fan of George Lynch but did not really care for Dokkin that much. Well, George has started a new band and to my surprise it was an industrial album. With my curiosity sparked I took it for a spin. Started out pretty good but then quickly fizzled.... Only liked 4 of the 10 tracks but one did make it to my playlist.


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Astral Hand - Lords of Data (2023)

-Heavy Psych Rock

My Ratings: 74.505
-Rank: 1107 (out of 2447)
-Median: 75.3
-Range: 8.0

Best Track: Crystal Gate [77.0]

"ASTRAL HAND is a heavy-psych band that channels a deeply cosmic mood. By using synth-driven melodies, fuzzed-out guitar riffs, thundering drums, and lyrical themes meditating on interstellar deities, the cosmic void and more."

I liked all but one track. Definitely had a spacey sound to it....



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Goat Explosion - Threatening Skies (2023)

-Doom Metal

My Ratings: 75.805
-Rank: 777 (out of 2447)
-Median: 75.8
-Range: 7.0

Best Track: Thundertower [79.0]

" A 60 minutes opus containing heavy riffs, haunting melodies and epic chants"

I don't recall any chanting.... anyhow, solid album by a band that sounds nothing like what one would think because of there name. This is your Doom/Stoner metal which I liked every track and 3 heading to my playlist. I will add that the 5 minute outro of the album hinted some death/black metal riffing..... could that be the next direction of the band?


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Eagles - Desperado (1973)

-Folk Rock

My Ratings: 74.656
-Rank: 1068 (out of 2448)
-Median: 75.6
-Range: 12.2

Best Track: Outlaw Man [78.2]


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God Disease - Apocalyptic Doom (2023)

-Death Doom Metal

My Ratings: 70.527
-Rank: 2011 (out of 2449)
-Median: 70.8
-Range: 6.6

Best Track: Ashes [73.6]

Death Doom is all about atmosphere and if your not feeling it it does not sound that good. I just wasn't feeling this one for the most part for some reason.....


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Khan - Creatures (2023)

-Heavy Progressive Psych Rock

My Ratings: 80.127
-Rank: 239 (out of 2450)
-Median: 80.6
-Range: 10.6

Best Track: How Old [84.6]

"Khan meld hazy psychedelia and heavy stoner riffs with a penchant for progressive rhythms and almost dirge-like, industrial-scale crescendos"

I had a hard timing pinning down what type of genre this was. I mean it was Alternative and Heavy Psych but something else was going on. Not sure "Dirge" is a music genre but it definitely describes what is going on here. Anyhow, this one came to me out of the blue and lucky for me I checked it out. This was a great album with all the tracks but one going to my playlist. The first two tracks reminded me a bit of King Buffalo and that is always a plus!!!!! Looks like this one is sold out so it may be difficult to get a copy at this time.....

OK, I took a sneak peak at their facebook page and they call themselves a Heavy Progressive Psych Band so I'll go with it.... so I guess the prog was the something else that was going on but it is very subtle.....


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Downfall of Gaia - Silhouettes Of Disgust (2023)

-Atmospheric Post Black Metal

My Ratings: 66.730
-Rank: 2341 (out of 2451)
-Median: 66.9
-Range: 3.2

Best Track: Final Vows [68.2]

Did not like any track off this album. The drums took away any atmosphere that it once had.


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Night Demon - Outsider (2023)

-Heavy Metal

My Ratings: 75.712
-Rank: 806 (out of 2452)
-Median: 76.0
-Range: 4.4

Best Track: The Wrath [77.6]


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Merlin [KC] - Christkiller (2014)

-Doom Metal

My Ratings: 75.210
-Rank: 927 (out of 2453)
-Median: 76.0
-Range: 11.6

Best Track: Execution [79.8]


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<new release>

Eye of Aquila - Diviniis Requiem (2023)

-Apocalyptic Stoner Rock/Heavy Psych/Post-Doom Metal

My Ratings: 76.227
-Rank: 694 (out of 2454)
-Median: 75.5
-Range: 3.8

Best Track: Staring 78.6

Debut album and my first thought was strong in the front vocals. This one was hard to pin down specific genre wise as it had a lot going on but in a simple way bouncing from rock to metal. Definite Stoner Heavy Psych vibes with thrown in Tool like riffs but also had a "Grunge" feel to it as well. Liked all that I heard with 2 of the 6 tracks making my playlist. They released a track not on this album last year which also will make my playlist....


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The Doobie Brothers - What Were Once Vices are Now Habits (1974)


My Ratings: 76.154
-Rank: 706 (out of 2455)
-Median: 74.8
-Range: 21.0

Best Track: Black Water [93.0]


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REZN - Solace (2023)

-Heavy Psych/Ambient Rock

My Ratings: 77.427
-Rank: 480 (out of 2456)
-Median: 77.1
-Range: 5.0

Best Track: Webbed Roots [80.0]

I've been getting into Heavy Psych and this one was different. This one was dark, ambient, drone.... spacey but without movement but also kind of just spinning. Very atmospheric... If "Doomgaze" was a thing this would be it. I liked all the tracks with 4 of the 6 going to my playlist..... I will be checking out more from this band....


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The Firm - The Firm (1984)


My Ratings: 71.290
-Rank: 1880 (out of 2457)
-Median: 70.6
-Range: 12.0

Best Track: Radioactive [77.6]

I like Paul Rodgers (Bad Company) so I should like this right... well, not really. Only liked 4 of the 9 tracks...


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Abyssus - Once Entombed... (2016)

-Death Metal

My Ratings: 74.348
-Rank: 1158 (out of 2458)
-Median: 74.0
-Range: 10.0

Best Track: Morbid Inheritance [80.0]

Abyssus is a band I've really gotten into. Their 2022 album "Death Revival" was my top album of 2022. This album though technically is a compilation album but it focuses on their early stuff before any full length album and consists of demo's, covers, and the following EP's
--- Monarch of the Kingdom of the Dead - 72.530
--- No Life in the Coffin - 73.010
--- Summon the Dead - 76.090

This album was raw and still sounded good even if the quality at times were not so good.....