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    Ask the ref?

    If it was a pass to a teammate in an offside position, and the defender outstretched his leg and contacted the ball, then it is not offside. The rules don't change according to a players skill level. What if we were to apply your logic to fouls?
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    will there be a postseason?

    We shall wait for the King's edict!!!!!!!
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    2020 Adidas National Showcase Cancelled

    I'm not sick from the Corona, but I'm sick of Corona! Let's leave that talk for other websites and forums and stick to what we do best on Yappi, and that's complaining about coaches and referees! Ok I'll start, the refs are too old and slow and the coach never gives my guaranteed D-1...
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    OHSAA makes rule changes

    The players, by their actions, decide whether they get a suspension. Not the referee. All the referee does is apply the rules!
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    More Drama at Fenwick

    Parents demand the best? Thats funny. Coaching is the 2nd worst job behind referee!!! After you add up all the hours with scheduling, tryouts, practices and games, coaches probably make about $0.35 an hour. Family life? None! Remeber, with lifting and summer practices, it's at least 9...
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    Tournament Draw

    I've never seen a Fairfield Girls game where the coach didn't deserve to be red carded, unless he's winning 8-0!