Your Team When You are Not Rooting for Your Hometown Team


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I am curious as to what teams you guys root for when you are not rooting for your area team. Born and raised in NEO there was always a ton of Browns coverage. Between that kind of thing and area pride I think most fans take on their local team as their favorite.

When I am not suffering through the Browns, I have started to follow the Buffalo Bills. Smaller market team on the lake with passionate fans has a familiar feel. I also like the way they found the right coach (a guy the Browns passed on) and have gone about building the team.

So, who's your non hometown favorite team?
Tennessee. I think they have a decent following in my age group in SW Ohio that were kids in alignment with their glory years with Eddie George, Steve McNair, etc. that were co-current with some of the Bengals most pathetic years before they hired Marvin Lewis.

In the present, I'm interested in the Ohio State/Central Ohio tie-ins on their coaching staff.
Vikings. Had older cousins who were Vikings fans and they actually became my first favorite team. The Browns later entered the picture. My job took me to the Minneapolis area for a few years and during that time I held Vikings season tickets.
LA Rams.

When I was a little kid their players had the cool names. Roman, Merlin, Maxie, Rosie, Deacon, and Jack Snow.
I don't know if anyone else feels this way but, if my team is not playing, I only care if the results of the other games have an effect on my team's standing or, if I know someone who's playing, I will root for him.
Browns then Bengals. Dad was a big Paul Brown fan so while he roots for the Browns, his not-so-secret love is the Bengals. :)
Broncos and Bills since I have a lot of family in both cities.

Also the Lions since I lived in Michigan before Ohio and have a large family presence there too.
The worst thing of all for Browns fans is to see how the Browns went from no real franchise identity/culture to what the Ravens have become…one of the model organizations over a long time now built on constant successful drafting and with the identity of being an extremely physical team on both sides of the ball. Everything a Browns fan would love the Browns to be. Essentially what the Steelers have been since the modern NFL began in 1970, which drives the knife into a Browns fans gut even more. Two model franchise that are everything you wish yours could be, and even worse…one was formed out of what was once your Browns.
Bengals-Bills have had a nice fan bromance dating back to when the Bengals beat the Ravens week 17 and sent the bills to the playoffs. Have been a bunch of cross fanbase donations to charity events and things. And their fanbase is so fun, diehard and unique it’s hard to not like them. Outside that, usually pick a team in the NFC to follow in the preseason every year. And as mentioned by nww, connections to OSU/Ohio.
I'm a Bengals fan first. As a kid 10-12 we moved to suburban Kansas City and became a Chiefs fan. This was before the Bengals existed. We moved back to Ohio . The Bengals started the next year. I was still a KC fan but over a few years became a Bengals fan first and a Chiefs fan second...
I've got one team, Tennessee. I don't root for anyone else. I'd rather not see the Steelers, Colts or Browns win, but I don't root for any other teams to win.
I'm a Browns fan 50+ years. I watch a ton of other games, but typically root for a result that helps the Browns chances. Always root against the Ravens and Stillers. When the Ravens play the Stillers, I secretly hope that Bain shows up and blows up the stadium like he did in that Batman movie.

I will admit that late last year that Burrow kid caught my eye a bit. Actually rooted for the bengals in the playoffs since the Browns were dead.

I do root for ex-Buckeyes to do well in games not involving the Browns.
As a kid, I always liked the Raiders uniforms (and Charles Woodson) so I will casually cheer for them. I'll also casually root for Detroit and Buffalo over pretty much everyone since they are in the same watershed...
Browns fan, who casually and passively pulls for the Broncos. Sometimes I’ll tune into KOA Denver to listen Dave Logan on the call — one of the best play-by-play guys in the game, and has been at it for a long time.