You can't make this stuff up!...


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The LOOOONG awaited Chaos Bowl at PBTS, will possibly be devoid of BOTH head coaches, at least two playas currently incarcerated/and otherwise detained in a medical facility near Da Bazemore-Hyder Stadium in Valdookie, JAWJA. ONE for show cause, while the other is suspended pending investigation for an alleged hazing incident at the school. The 18th of August had better get here quick, before one gets slapped with recruiting VI O LAT IONS, and the other with further incarcerations, as the whole story of the gangsta festivities further unfold. But HEY, as the Dumbocrats always say. "NOTHING to SEE HERE." ***ROTFLMAO***

GOD DOES have a sense of humor. I doubt if the Valdookians had known what was coming around the bend in retribution, due to the local deputy dogs telling me to NEVER return, after our only loss in a decade to the MIGHTY MILDCATS, 50-49. MY, MY, MY!!!!!! What is happening to them is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
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