Will lacrosse ever move into NE Ohio?


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My friends and i over the summer played lacrosse constantly along with a few kids from boardman and i was wondering if you guys think wether or not lacrosse will ever make it in NEO particually the Warren/Youngstown region.
It certainly has a lot going for it. Many schools in NE Ohio have teams already that compete at least at the club level.

I think, practically speaking, that it's going to take about a generation to really get ingrained in the psyche of NE Ohio. It's got a ways to go. To the average guy on the street it's still a novelty. But it's got a ton of promise.
The greater Cleveland area has some very good teams, for example Hudson, Ignatius, and the best team in Ohio, granted they are a boarding school, Western Reserve Academy.
cpc i didn't mean the greater Cleveland area even tho the thread title says so, im interested in the Warren/Youngstown area because there are no schools with lacrosse teams or even a summer team.
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Hoover has lacrosse, and they are pretty tough, i would love to see federal league get into lacrosse
jackson has had one for for a while and lake is having a team for their first year this year. 3/7 fed teams isn't bad, hopefully it continues to spread.
Wooster has a consistently successful program with a DII state title in 1998, a DI state title in 2002 over Upper Arlington (probably the best lax program in Ohio), and several final 4 appearances.