Who are the Yappi Football Top Posters?

Cardz, cjb and worm are three of my favorites.

Appreciate the nod, but I'm just here lol.

I'll also nominate Brian, who love him or mock him is at the top of Yappi Mount Rushmore when it comes to name recognition... though OhioRiverBoy seems to be coming in hot (but his team has played in 3 straight D1 title games so have no problem with him supporting his team).
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I like all Winton Woods posters but especially the longtime WW guys who have been posting for years.
We all don't always agree on everything but these dudes are very thoughtful and straight forward.
And they know football.

Warriorblue - always has some inside scoop I didn't know and knows football
msimp06 - tells it like it is and accurate
Man Up - very detailed opinions that I appreciate

There is a looooong line of MANY passionate Winton Woods posters.
Don't be offended if I don't mention you.
I like it that there is a new group that has emerged too.

I also really appreciate it when guys who rarely post just show up again outta nowhere.

warriorpops - is one example of someone who knew what he was talking about.

and of course....

DonMagicRon - RIP dude. Yappi ain't the same without ya. Loved posting about the Warriors.
Some favorites are LS92, Fish82, Don Flamenco, EHS2001, Over the Hills, TWILLKE.

I miss DonMagicRon.
I miss the collective Colerain poster community.
Also wonder whatever happened to TylerDurden.
Hey Mickey I like you LaSalle guys too.
Some of those GCL guys though oh boy......

POPE FRANCIS always made me laugh...I think he was a St X guy