Who are the Top Ten winningest Head Coaches in your area of Ohio who are still active?


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Top 10 winning coaches in the Cincinnati Area most are still active.

Paul Fernandez SWOC ROSS 580Ws 26 years of winning...Retired
Steve Castner GMC Lakota East 500+ Ws HOF Coach retired
Keith Castner GMC Lakota WEST GMC Hall of fame coach 400+ wins Active
Brenda Steiger GMC Fairfield 400+ Active
Brian Kindell Lebanon ECC 400+Ws averages 25Ws per season WOW
Blaine Wallace SBL Will pick up 400 Ws this year Active
Christy Greggory Milford FAVC/ECC 300+ Ws Active
Mike Schiering Harrison SWOC will have 350 at the end of this season Active
Mary Ellen Bonner ECC Kings closing in on 300 Ws
Karen Wiseman McCauley GGCL 200+Ws Active
Liann Muff Mason GMC 200+ Ws Active
Tim Gregory Glen Este FAVC 200+ Ws Retired
Jackie Cornelius Bedel GMC Oak Hills 200+Ws
I may have missed one or two with 200 or more as well. Amazing how many have been coaching 15+ years.
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