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Reading your link, without clicking it, tells me STAY AWAY.

I accidentally clicked on a right-side ad while trying to log in once, and I've been browser-stalked by toenail fungus ever since.....the picture of that yellow, tubular toenail that follows me around Yappi is damn creepy. No way I'm "signing up" for a barrage of incontinence ads !
My grandma lives in a nursing home and is a bit senile. A few years ago, she left me a voicemail that was intended for the desk at the nursing home, rambling on about how her adult diapers were unsatisfactory. She then set the phone down without hanging it up, and there was like 5 minutes of dead air on the end of the message.
I have BPH and it causes mild dribbling. I have tried the guards and shields but am very self conscious of wearing them must be too much like a pad or something. I am using the real fit and these feel normal as can be for me. But for dribbling they don't need all the absorbency probably a third less or half would be ideal.

Lol an excerpt from the page.^
I have major dribbles and I don't care. Border line peeing my pants.
"I'm a young Guy, and for years I've had the problem of leakage, I would have to stand a a toilet for 5 minutes waiting for everything to drain. It was hard at public places where there is a rush to use the bathroom (stadiums/concerts). Now I can simply go, and once the big go is done, I can put my pants back on and go with confidence that I don't have a spot on my pants! I have flooded them on long trips, especially stuck in traffic! I think they are pretty good!"

I am writing this review in my living room, in front of my father! I am visiting for his birthday! I am also wearing the Depends Maximun S/M Real Fit Briefs, and no one is the wiser! When I first got them, I was worried about noise that are usually accompanied by diapers/incontinence products, however, True Fit are just as quiet as regular briefs. I am a size 38 in the waist, and the S/M size fit just as we'll as regular briefs. I also toss and turn at nights, and the True Fit stay in place, provide superior protection! So, if your nervous about trying any type of incontinence products, I highly recommend you start here! I assure you, there will be no need to look any further.