Week 8


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Things are shaping up...Tournament draw is looming... Some big games still left to be played...
Probably missed a few but here are the games that stuck out...

Seton at St. Ursula
Wyoming at Summit
Waynesville at CCD
Fairfield at West Clermont

Turpin at Loveland

Seton at MND
Creek at Miamisburg

Bellbrook at Waynesville

Mason at Mercy McAuley
Seton at Oak Hills
MND at Anderson
Centerville at St. Ursula
Summit at Indian Hill
That's a huge statement win by Summit over Wyoming. Waynesville and Summit really setting themselves apart in D2. And SUA's dominant performance over Seton makes Summit's win vs. them look even better. Locally the only loss Summit has was vs CCDS.

I thought about going to the Summit vs. Wyo game but picked the CCDS Vs. Waynesville to see if Waynesville was for real after all CCDS is who beat Summit. They look to be. Totally controlled the game and dominated possession probably 75/25 the first half and 60/40 the second. Erbach had another great game, distributing deftly at will against the Nighthawks defense and had what I thought were 2 sure goals but some athletic saves from the D1 Commit CCD keeper robbed her. Farris was strong on the ball and super dangerous. This CCD team has scored 20 goals the last 4 games and with one exception where Farris turned the corner on their right back and was unobstructed to goal they had no real chances. Aside from an overdue yellow card on one of the Waynesville centerbacks with a brief 1 for 1, I don't believe Waynesville changed their defense the whole game. A stark change from the game vs. the Warriors. Great soccer from both teams. CCD's Zim twins looked great. I see why the team has been scoring so much, combined with Farris that's a strong attack.

My picks for the top teams in the area with the playoff draw coming up are. Summit unsurprisingly to me really making a case. Milford earns the top spot and MND is well....MND. Wish I stayed in town last weekend for that matchup.

D1 1. Milford / 2. MND / 3. Springboro&Centerville tie
D2. 1. Summit&Waynesville tie / 2. Monroe / 3. Taylor
D3 1. CCDS / 2. Mariemont / 3. Madeira
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I was at the game with Summit versus Wyoming. It should be noted that Wyoming was down 4 starters, including their keeper and another starter only played half the game due to illness. That being said, Summit is still the much better team IMO. Probably 2-3 goals better, not 6. Wyoming versus Taylor should be a good match if Wyoming can get healthy.
Couple things doc.

One, Thanks for the kind words on Sam you should have stopped me and said hi. I'm hard to miss. CCD is very good. They played the best brand of soccer we've seen yet. They possessed, they stayed in position, they were physical but not reckless, passed well and had good to great size and speed. Sam said she would love to play them everyday. Not because we won, but because it was actually fun to play soccer with them. It's clear how well coached that team is. It's been clear for years. She's a great coach and that team has some solid talent. It's amazing to me how a school so small can be so consistently great. Same can be said for summit. There is a reason we were only the 2nd public school to ever win D3 State.

Two, you're crazy if you think that yellow was overdue. We track fouls and #5 on CCD had the most for either team. But I thought overall it was a pretty well ref'd game. Only the 2nd time I could say that all year. The whole ref team did a great job. I disagree on the yellow, but he's closer and in the mix so he sees and hears more. I still think it was a bit much considering how it went down.

Walt74, that's good info. The Wyoming keeper made a big difference in our scrimmage vs them so I get it. Though day for that much sickness.
Another draw for MND.

MND 1 / Anderson 1
The Redskins have not given up many goals this year. Including just 2 to Milford. Only MND and them have held them that low. Be nice to see the girls from Forest Rd. make another good run in the postseason. They should win all 3 games before the tournament draw and put them in a pretty good place.