Week 4: Withrow

Some observations:
1. Moeller's FG kicker is a heckuva weapon
2. #15 for Moeller defensive end very disruptive
3. Get #87 for X the ball more frequently. He has demonstrated an ability to catch and run. I assume he was injured last night in the 4th quarter as I don't think he was in the last 2-3 possessions ?
Hey ReJect, how did that bye week work out? When are the bombers going to go back to rubber cleats instead of lead. If they were any slower the game would still be in progress. I think your QB completed at least 50 per cent of his passes if you count the ones thrown to Moeller. Your backup QB was a game saver for Moe. Did X forget to bring their OC to the game? GBM 💪 🏈
I wish they forgot to bring the OC. His play calling has left a lot to be desired lately.