Water Polo

Don't count on seeing much traffic on here regarding water polo. I bet it doesn't take long for someone to turn this thread into a discussion about who has the best swim team around.

Anyway, here is what little I know about the four area teams, alphabetically:

Mason: came close to UA in the regional tournament last year for the runner-up berth. Entire starting rotation returns this year. This could be their season to do well at state.

Milford: state champs last year, lost a LOT of senior talent, including Keefer. Not sure if Milford went to "pay to play" athletics this year. They have some good players returning, but last year was their big one.

Princeton: graduated a ton of seniors (I was at Princeton for their senior night...took FOREVER). No idea what the quality of their underclassmen were.

Sycamore: interesting group. Last year was their retooling year, so a lot of young kids got experience. They were simply horrible at the beginning of the year, but started to look decent by the end of the year. Sycamore beat Princeton at the regional tournament last year.
mason and sycamore will definitely both be tough, but i think you may be thinking of two years ago when princeton graduated a lot of seniors. only 5 graduated this past year.

i know milford graduated a ton of their best players after their state championship, but i've always thought that their 08 class was a little weak, however, i have heard from a milford girl player that this years senior class was fairly large and strong. does anybody know what milford's 08 looks like?
I noticed Milford submitted their water polo results to the Enquirer. They appeared in this Sunday's sports section on the last page. They were 1-3 at a tournament in Michigan. I thought I might find it online on the Enquirer site, but no luck. One thing that stood out was that Matulis scored five goals one game and multiple goals in others. He's a big guy and looked promising as a freshman last year.
Anyone have all the results for the Milford tourn? Here is what I recall:

Mason 13 Sycamore 8
Mason 9 Milford 6
Mason 8 Princeton 5
Sycamore 13 Princeton 12 OT
Milford 13 Sycamore 9

What was the result of the Milford-Princeton game?

There is another tournament that Mason is hosting this weekend, but Mason's A team is going to Michigan.
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Results from the 16-team Ohio Cup at Worthington:

1st Ann Arbor Pioneer
2nd Kilbourne
3rd Mason
4th Upper Arlington
6 Sycamore
7 Princeton
11 Milford

I'm sure of the top four places, but I'm guessing at the results of a couple of the later games I didn't stick around to watch. If anyone has complete results, feel free to correct this.
boys ohio cup

you have the first 4 teams listed correctly, however, milford finished in 7th, ahead of both sycamore (10th) and princeton (11th)
I thought something looked wrong with the brackets Worthington sent out prior to the tournament. It looked like they had the 5th-8th bracket flipped with the 9-12 bracket.

These are some approximate records for a bit over the halfway point in the season. Not every team has their results posted on the web, so I've had to make some guesses:

12-5 kilbourne
19-5 mason (kilbourne, milford, tw, ua)
8-7 UA (tw, kilbourne, mason, kilbourne)
8-8 TW (mason, ua, milford)
15-10 milford (mason, kilbourne, tw, sycamore, mason, ua, kilbourne)

The names in parenthesis are who they have lost to so far.
Kilbourne has not lost to an Ohio team yet.
Mason, UA, TW, and Milford have pretty much taken turns beating each other.

Does anyone have complete results from the Toledo St Francis tournament? Who won the UA vs Milford game...I was guessing UA won since they took top seed in that bracket.
South Regionals schedule

October 19, 2007 (friday)

Gm # Time G/b White Blue

1 11:30 Am G # 6 – Princeton -vs-# 4 -milford
2. 12:35 Pm B # 6 – Glenoak -vs-# 4 -sycamore
3 1:40 Pm G # 5 – Mason -vs-# 3 -glenoak
4 2:45 Pm B # 5 – Princeton -vs-# 3 -milford
5 3:50pm G #1–u.a. -vs-winnergm#1
6 4:55 Pm B # 1 – Mason -vs-winner Gm # 2
7 6:00 Pm G Winner Gm # 3 -vs-# 2 -sycamore
8 7:05pm B Winnergm#4 -vs-#2–u.a.
October 20, 2007 (saturday)

Gm# Time G/b White Blue

9 8:00 Am G Loser Gm # 1 -vs-loser Gm # 3
10 9:10am B Losergm#2 -vs-losergm#4
11 10:20 Am G Winner Gm # 9 -vs-loser Gm # 5
12 11:30 Am B Winner Gm # 10 -vs-loser Gm # 6
13 12:40 Pm G Winner Gm # 5 -vs-winner Gm # 7
*** Winner Of This Game Will Be # 1 Seed For South Girls Regional @ State.

14 1:50 Pm B Winner Gm # 6 -vs-winner Gm # 8
*** Winner Of This Game Will Be # 1 Seed For South Boys Regional @ State.

15 3:00 Pm G Winner Gm # 11 -vs-loser Gm # 7
16 4:10 Pm B Winner Gm # 12 -vs-loser Gm # 8
17 5:20 Pm G Winner Gm # 15 -vs-loser Gm # 13
*** Winner Of This Game Will Be # 2 Seed For South Girls Regional @ State.

18 6:30 Pm B Winner Gm # 16 -vs-loser Gm # 14
*** Winner Of This Game Will Be # 2 Seed For South Boys Regional @ State.
so everyone knows UC now has a water polo team if you have any questions please contact me seeing since im the president and tell all the ohio teams
Regional results:

#1 Mason
#2 Upper Arlington

#1 Kilbourne
#2 Thomas Worthington

Championship games:
Mason 15, UA 9
Kilbourne 9, TW 8

Second place game:
UA 14, Milford 10
TW 12, St Francis 3

If you look at the records of some of the teams with winning records when they play each other, it looks like this:

Kilbourne 12-2
Mason 9-6
UA 5-6
TW 5-7
Milford 3-13

State championship rounds start Friday
Mason vs. TW
Kilbourne vs. UA
interesting win loss records for the state boys teams....curious as to where you got your stats?? i dont think kilbourne has 2 lossesin state, their only loss was to milford at princeton....
who do you like this weekend?? do you think the all deep, big pool will have any impact on the outcomes?
The W/L records are from tournaments I attended plus from web sites that report scores. There was an article in a Columbus newspaper that reported Kilbourne only had one Ohio loss. But it looks like Kilbourne didn't report the loss to Mason at Mason. Same article said both Kilbourne and TW beat Mason 8-4 at the Milford tournament. But TW didn't play Mason at that tournament, so you can't take that article as gospel.

Based on previous meetings, one would think it should be Kilbourne and Mason in the finals. But you never know what is going to happen once they get in the water.

Playing in a deep pool eliminates all the standing and pushing off the bottom. But I don't know that it creates any particular advantage for one team. Is there a particular team that plays better when there is a shallow end?
State results posted in the Columbus Dispatch:


Boys water polo State Tournament At Mason
Yesterday's results

Upper Arlington 15, Thomas Worthington 7

Worthington Kilbourne 4, Mason 3

Girls water polo State Tournament At Mason
Yesterday's results

Thomas Worthington 13, Cin. Sycamore 9

Worthington Kilbourne 11, Upper Arlington 10 (OT)