Walsh Jesuit @ Benedictine


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I’m not very familiar with what to expect from Walsh Jesuit in this game? I know they graduated a fair bit as did we

Kickoff is Saturday at 7pm at Euclid Community Stadium. I believe it is WKYC Game of the week. Sounds like some small local media outlets will cover like NextGen and TalkBackFans.

Lucas Kaltenbach takes over at QB for Benedictine. Young sophomore, but well built and talented. As expected, he has looked inconsistent, however he’s got a long road ahead of him. Defense has been a work in progress. They seem to be focusing on fundamentals versus throwing a ton of install in. TBD as WJ is a very tough test for a week 1 tilt. Bengals have to replace an extremely good WR core as well.

Walsh too replaces a multi year starter at QB with a Senior who has looked good. Trey Bell returns as the Warriors too vertical threat and is also a challenge in special teams. Not sure what else to expect from them?