Volleyball Crowds?

It depends totally on who the team is playing. I saw some huge crowds at some big rivalry games last year (green-tallmadge being one) but then saw like 25 people tops at a blowout match.
SimplyADevil said:
mcgal, the west homes/tallmadge game had so many people fill wooster high school that the gym was literally packed!

Yeah that was the largest crowd I've ever seen at a volleyball match. It was unreal. For once though, I have to say your student section was outdone :dang:
oh i agree. it was pathetic. i don't think we knew how to handle ourselves. west holmes is closer to wooster than we are, plus they have a bigger school... so that's my excuse! it'll never happen in basketball!
A few of my friends and myself try to attend all of the volleyball games, we've only missed three in the last two years. We each wear a shirt with a letter on the front spelling W-E-S-T-M and on each side is a tornado. On the back of our shirts is a players name and number. It's nice, we come close to filling up the bleachers every game, especially the home games.