Usa basketball won the gold

I suspect that the success of a team like that is finding guys that are good fits and finding two or 3 strong leaders. I suspect we'd do just as well sending the NBA or NCAA championship teams as this team of All-Stars that take weeks to learn to play with each other.
2004 all over again?

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In addition, the team lost a friendly preparation game prior to the Olympics, against Italy, by a score of 95–78.[

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Every time I think of this team, I think how half of them should have still been playing in College. Before the one and dones and straight to the pros, Wade, Bron, Anthony, Okafor, Booozer, and Stoudamaire would have still been in college Jefferson and Odom would have just finished their rooky years and not on an NBA Olympic team. They basically sent a college team to play against grown men.