UPDATED (Again & Again) - Ohio All-Time Lists - Girls - Indoor Sprints & Jumps & Throws


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This week begins my posting of the currently compiled top 30 performers and performances for the indoor events. I start this with the girls' jumping events: i.e., high jump, pole vault, long & triple jumps. I will be following up with the throws, sprints/hurdles, and distance events in the upcoming days.

I hope to follow-up with the boys this year, but theirs is a much longer time frame to document.

Enjoy. Lists through this weekend's state meet.


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The top 30 lists have been updated to include the shot & weight throw all-time top 30 lists.
The lists have been updated again with some new information for missing data I gained from Jack Shepard @ T&F News today.

I've also added the Class Records for each event (which I'm also doing for running events) to the header for each event. I hope you like the new look and data.
I've completed the girls' 60 meters & 60 meters hurdles lists and will release them with the 200/400 meter lists later this week.
A correction has been made in the girls' triple jump to reflect a new Divsion III all-time leader in Casey Adams (Independence) at 36' 11" from this year.
Major Update to the file - The girls' all-time lists for the 60m, 60m hurdles, 200m, and 400m have been added to the file.

Note: The top 30 lists are available for the 200m/400m for over-sized tracks. Only the top-10 lists are currently available for LEGAL-sized tracks in those events. It takes a lot of time to weed out all the over-sized facilities in Ohio to get a large database of legal-sized track marks. I'll have a top 30 in those next year. The same will go for the 800m/1600m/3200m lists when I release them next week.
The girls' indoor 800m/1600m/Mile/3200m/2 Mile lists are being updated. I've got the 800 lists completed and working on the 1600m/mile lists currently. Lots of data to sort through given the plethora of legal and over-sized track to weed through and sort. Working toward having the girls' indoor lists completed by end of next week. Then I'll put that to bed and start working on bringing the boys' indoor marks up to snuff. Once I've got this all done, it's just a matter of updating each year, which is a lot easier.