Upcoming Spring/Summer Season


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Anyone else here somewhat bored without golf..lookin forward to this golf season and hopefully the end of winter will be warm kinda like the beginning of it was...
THSfan, your crazy. you said that there are some new faces on the team. but you obviously forgot one of them,Tony Spino. he is very promising and i think that he could possibly be at five for them. at least six though.
well me personally am excited for the mustangs of tuslaw they have the whole team back and some new exciting players to help and to make them even better josh nettleton moved to iowa.

Heres my projected starting six for the mustangs.

1.Chris Bennington
2.Josh Widner
3.Matt Bates
4.Aaron Mishler
5.Ryan Coffman
6.Cory Ricker

aaron mishler graduated in 2006 and he played football not golf
this weather is driving me nuts. I havent picked a club up since early january, my course i manage hasnt been open since january 19th. cant wait for 50 degrees so i can try to remember how to swing a damn club.
warm weather, kinda, has finally arrived. finally have gotten outside and swing around a little bit. feels really good to be doing that again