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Andy Graves of sycamore high school is widely hailed as the next Gretzky. However I say this is unfair. Gretzky is nowhere near the player graves is. I witnessed a game in which one of Graves shots went through a goalie. Literally leaving a hole in the poor boy that thought he could stand in the way of perfection other wise known as Andy graves. Graves has invented a new type of game called the quintuple hat trick. yes, fifteen goals in one game and that was his low for the year. I see Graves leading Sycamore to state next year. GOALIES GET OUT OF THE WAY ANDY "Grimreaper" GRAVES IS COMING.:mad:


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watch our for jim hickok he dominates the 30 and over league no one can stop him only contain him i heard the other team wanting to kill them sell selfs because they couldnt stop him hes to fast strong and never gives up


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Andy Graves is the real deal.

I heard that Sycamore's best player was a guy on JV named Tamir or something. It was just a rumor, but supposedly they had to put him on JV because the entire St. Ignatius varsity hockey team was afraid that Tamir would put them in the hospital if he was on varsity, like he did with those two Elder kids.
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